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Gómez Noya, first Olympic triathlon medal

An exceptional Javier Gómez Noya has achieved in the Olympic Games. of London, the first Olympic medal of the Spanish triathlon. The Galician has starred in a brilliant career from start to finish, occupying the top positions at all times.

During the awards ceremony, we had the honor of having the presence of Ms. Marisol Casado, President of the International Triathlon Federation and CIO member, who has awarded this well-deserved medal to the Spanish triathlete.

The day began with a great public expectation gathered around Hyde Park to enjoy a unique and exciting event. In a very fast single-lap swimming of 1.5 km in total, where a group of five with Vasiliev, Varga, Gómez Noya and the Brownlee brothers have led this stretch.

Javi has finished second in the water, after the Slovak Varga and has headed towards the cycling sector leading the race. Behind, a block of 19 triathletes have entered with a disadvantage of 18 seconds. At the beginning of this segment the veteran Canadian triathlete, Simon Whitfield, had to retire after suffering a strong fall.

In the lead a group formed by Gómez Noya, Varga, the Brownlee and the Italian Fabian. The route of 43 km has been developed by a flat and technical circuit. Already in the first of the seven laps, the lead squad had an advantage of 1 minute and 14 seconds. However, thanks to the hard work of the great cyclists of the persecuting group, these 15 have merged with the leading peloton in the third round.

The first to leave the T2 has been Silva, followed closely by the Brownlee and Javier. However, these last three have imposed a very strong rhythm from the beginning that has allowed them to open a gap with respect to the rest. In each of the four laps of the running segment, they have been increasing their advantage considerably.

In the first stages of the third round, Alistair has made a change of pace before which the Ferrolan has responded by increasing his stride. While Jonathan has not kept the pace, staying slightly relegated.

At the last lap, the York triathlete led the contest, with a Gómez Noya who has made an effort to reduce the differences. The last lap was highly contested, with the Galician fighting and offering a real display of skills. In the end, the victory has been for Alistair Brownlee, followed by Javi in ​​second place, winning silver, and in third place came his younger brother Jonathan.

Meanwhile Mario Mola and Josemi Pérez, both debutants in an Olympic Games, have been climbing positions. Excelling in the cycling sections and especially in the running race. The Mallorcan has crossed the finish line in 19th place, while the Cuenca player has obtained 24th place.

In this way, Javier continues making history becoming the first Spanish Olympic triathlon medalist. The medal ceremony has put the finishing touch to a memorable day, which has put Javier Gómez Noya at the top, at the top.

Elite male classification:

1 Alistair Brownlee GBR 01: 46: 25

2 Javier Gómez Noya ESP 01: 46: 36

3 Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01: 46: 56

4 David Hauss FRA 01: 47: 14

5 Laurent Vidal FRA 01: 47: 21

6. Jan Frodeno ALE 01:47:26

7 Alexander Bryukhankov RUS 01: 47: 35


19 Mario Mola ESP 01: 49: 23

24 José Miguel Pérez ESP 01: 49: 53

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Source: Spanish Federation of Triathlon & Madrid Federation of Triathlon & TN

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