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Gómez Noya: "Here the pressure is for the Brownlees"

The Spanish triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, who will arrive in London this Friday to compete on Tuesday (12.30:XNUMX CET) in the Olympic Games triathlon, assured that he is "in the best moment of the season" although the pressure in this appointment is for the British Brownlee brothers, especially for the eldest of them Alistair, for running at home.

“Here the pressure is on the Brownlees, their entire country awaits the gold of Alistair and that can play against him”, commented the triathlete from Ferrol.

The Spanish champion indicated that he is prepared for all possible test circumstances. "Going to go all the way from the first stroke, the Brownlees don't have any more tactics than that and I hope to be with them. And already in the third phase, whoever aspires to beat me is going to have to run a lot. If I can give it my all, I will be far ahead; but I don't know if gold, another medal or just a diploma," he declared.: “If I can give it my all, I will be far ahead”

Gómez Noya, who was fourth in Beijing, now arrives at a good time after the progression experienced since May when he was forced to stop for 10 days due to fever. Since then, he has trainedin progression, without having to step on the brake” as it would have done if it had “been on top a month ago”.

Beside Mario Mola and José Miguel Pérez, Gómez Noya is part of the Spanish men's triathlon team and this Friday they will meet with the components of the women's team that debut this Saturday in London.

The triathlete still It is not clear if he will wear a wetsuit in swimming: “I think that the girls on Saturday, being at 9, will use it; but if it is sunny until Tuesday, the water can exceed 20º and it would not be used, ”she said.

“With neoprene I came out first in the World Series in Hamburg two weeks ago, but I almost prefer not to be allowed, because more differences are marked and some may already be off the hook for the rest of the triathlon ”, he pointed out.


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