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Kilian Jornet does 29:59 on his 10k debut

His goal was to finish around 29:30

Today has been disputed in the Norwegian town of Royten the Hytteplanmila, the fastest 10-kilometer road test in the country, where the ultrarunner Kilian Jornet has debuted in the distance.

The test began at 13:45 where the victory has been for Zerei kbrom with a time of 28: 20.

The test that has had only 125 runners, Kilian finished in 18th final position

Kilian commented on his social networks that his goal was to finish around 29:30, so he has fallen short of his goal in his debut at this distance.

«As a newbie, my expectations are not high. I would be very happy if I could scratch my training PB for a few seconds and do around 29:30. » he commented

Kilian Jornet Partials

Partial Kilian Jornet 10 km Hytteplanmila
Partial Kilian Jornet 10 km Hytteplanmila

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