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Kristian Blummenfelt wins the Lisbon Triathlon World Cup

Genis Grau has been third in the test

Today the second day of the Triathlon World Cup was held in the Lusa city of Lisbon, where in the men's competition the triple World Champion Mario Mola has returned to the competition.

The test that has had the presence of Kristian Blummenfelt, winner of the WTS Yokohama, Gustav Iden, Marten Van Riel, Tyler Mislawchuk or Jonas Schomburg among others.

The Spanish Triarmada has been composed of Mario Mola, Genis Grau, Alberto González and Kevin Tarek Viñuela.

The return to the scene of Mola

Mola, he has put on a number again in a triathlon test, for his debut in 2021 he has chosen the Lisbon test, which has been held in Olympic distance.

This year he has not participated in the inaugural event of the World Series as he is focusing 100% on the Tokyo Olympics.

Although he has not participated in a triathlon, Mola has in athletics events, such as the 10k in Playa d'en Bossa, where he achieved his personal best in 10K with a time of 29: 02

Male test

As for the competition, in Olympic distance, the first to get out of the water was Richard Varga followed by Jonas Schomburg and Jaime Riddle at 3 seconds and by a very stretched group.

As for the Spaniards, Kevin Tarek started seventh at 8 seconds, Alberto González at 17, Genis Grau at 30 and Mario Mola at 58 seconds.

In the 40-kilometer cycling segment, a leading group was quickly formed with 33 units in 30 seconds with almost all the favorites.

In a group from behind came Mario Mola, Iden, Casper losing 1 minute in the first lap.

In the following laps, the chasing group with Mola in the lead organized to try to hunt down those in the lead.

Little by little in each lap the chasing group managed to cut the difference with respect to the leading group until it reached them on the sixth lap of the circuit.

Upon arrival at T2, the peloton arrived very stretched out, leaving Schomburg at the head of the race, gaining a few meters of advantage.

In the first part of the race, Schomburg got a few meters ahead of a group led by Blummenfetl, Genis Grau, Marten Van Riel, Studer and Tom Richard.

In the passage through the first lap Schomburg was first but already reached by the group behind. Mario Mola happened to 16 seconds of the head

In the second lap, Van Riel dropped, leaving the leading group with 5 units and going through the finish line with 11 seconds over the chasing group and 20 over Mario Mola, who continued to climb positions.

In the third set the leading group was left with 4 units with Blummenfetl, Grau, Schomburg and Studer.

On the last lap we could see an exciting finish where Blummenfet with a strong change of pace left with Studer leaving behind Grau and Schomburg.

In the final part, Blummenfet again made another attack to leave Studer and go for the victory.

Finally Kristian Blummenflet got the victory with a 1 time: 42: 33 followed by Max Studer (1: 42: 41) and for Genis Grau (1:42:55) in third position, beating Schomburg in the sprint

Mario Mola It has been 10º


Post Athlete Time / Difference
1 # 2 Blummenfelt Kristian 1:42:33
2 # 12 Studer Max 01:42:41 +00:00:09
3 # 34 Grau Genis 01:42:55 +00:00:23
4 # 8 Schomburg Jonas 01:42:56 +00:00:24
5 # 72 Richard Tom 01:43:13 +00:00:41
6 # 29 Benson gordon 01:43:18 +00:00:46
7 # 10 Grajales Crisanto 01:43:20 +00:00:48
8 # 3 Iden Gustav 01:43:23 +00:00:51
9 # 4 Van Riel Marten 01:43:29 +00:00:57
10 # 1 Cool mario 01:43:32 +00:00:59

Spanish classification

The best Spanish has been Genis Grau with third place and Mario is cool with 10th

This is the list of Spaniards in the test

Pos Athlete Country Time / Difference
3 Grau Genis  ESP 01:42:55 +00:00:23
10 Cool mario  ESP 01:43:32 +00:00:59
48 Gonzalez garcia alberto  ESP 01:47:36 +00:05:03
53 Viñuela Gonzalez Kevin Tarek  ESP 01:51:26 +00:08:54

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