The elite of long distance bet another year for Challenge Barcelona-Maresme

The Ajuntament Vell de Calella was the scene this afternoon of the Official Press Conference of Challenge Barcelona-Maresme 2012, which will be played next 30 in September on the distance of 3800 meters by swimming, 180 km by bike to finish with 42 km of race to foot, this year being the Spanish Long Distance Championship

The event was attended by Miquel Blanchart (Long Distance European Champion 2011) and the triathlete belonging to the local team Team Calella, Anna Rovira. Accompanying the athletes we have been able to count on the presence of other great stars of the long distance such as Lothar Leder, Nicole Leder, Stanislav, Patricevick, Nicole Leder, Isabelle Ferrer and Lucy Gosage.


In the first place, Anna Rovira spoke “It is an unbeatable circuit to enjoy and look for a good brand, also a totally safe route since they cut the national route so that the competition can develop perfectly. Despite the fact that I have come to compete in the Duathlon World Cup, I am sure that I will enjoy this test like all the triathletes who come from all over the world thanks to the recognition that Challenge Barcelona-Maresme has at the international level "

For the young Miquel Blanchart “despite the fact that I am considered one of the favorites at the national level and among the best international ones and I will do my best to meet expectations, I believe that at this moment I am accompanied by highly prestigious triathletes, as well as Spaniards, Raul Amatriain and Carlos López, among others. The only thing I can say that I'm sure of is that they won't make it easy for me to get the first place on the podium, but I'm also sure that this rivalry will give the competition much more spectacularity, which we will all enjoy "

For their part, the international triathletes did not want to overlook the quality of the circuits as well as the spectacular landscapes that this Maresme region has, which is a great incentive for all long-distance athletes who come to compete year after year. in this circuit "We love this circuit and we will do everything possible to be selected with our countries in 2013 and thus be able to take part in this test again next May when the European Middle Distance Championship is held"

To this day, Clemente Alonso (08:15:25) and the Belgian triathlete Sofie Goss (9:08:01) have the best marks in Challenge Barcelona obtained in 2011 and 2009 respectively and that they will undoubtedly try to beat the triathletes that will compete this Sunday in the town of Maresme.

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