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The Zurich Marató Barcelona adapts to the new times and looks to the future with a new image.

La Zurich Marathon Barcelona adapts to the new times and looks to the future, releasing a new image with new challenges and a magical marathon with the background of Barcelona as the main protagonist

Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon

The world has changed and the Zurich Marató Barcelona has not been left behind.

The organization of the event wants to bring the essence of Barcelona to any runner in the world, bringing them closer to the magic of the city through the Virtual Challenge 42/7 Zurich Marató Barcelona.

A virtual and free marathon that proposes the completion of 42,195km between November 8 and 15, distributed at the convenience of each participant.

In this way, and from anywhere in the world, the participants will be able to embark on a Magic Experience through the streets of Barcelona or their respective cities, adding kilometers to reach 42,195 km.

The virtual marathon will mark the starting point for the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2021.

A new marathon that evolves and experiences great novelties compared to past editions.

The organization is committed to improving services to popular runners, to improve the times of elite athletes and the spectacular nature of a renewed start and finish area that more than ever will put the feelings of the participants on the surface.

Three fundamental points that the organization will promote for next November 7, 2021 to achieve magical moments that fill its participants with indelible emotions.

Also solidarity

The solidarity aspect, how could it be otherwise, will also be present at the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Marató Barcelona

Each participant at the time of registration, may create a solidarity challenge through the solidarity Crowdfunding platform migranodearena  to raise money for whatever cause you want.

In addition, as a novelty, runners will be able to acquire a solidarity and personalized finisher medal that will be sent engraved with the name and the total time in the 42 kms.

Cost: € 5

It will cost 5 euros and the organization will give 1 euro of each medal to La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Radio, which this year will allocate its proceeds to research on covid-19.

The Zurich Marató Barcelona takes the first steps towards 2021 with firmness and clear ideas.

A new marathon has come to stay and make us experience the magic of a city that has everything to make us vibrate.

Remember, the dates are between November 8 and 15, 2020, where the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Marató Barcelona will take place.

It's free and registrations are open at

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