The goodbye of a champion: Pablo Dapena retires from professional triathlon

Pablo Dapena, one of the most emblematic figures of Spanish triathlon, has announced his retirement from professional sport this year. Although he will still compete in two more events, the Challenge Mallorca Peguera and the Ibiza Trialtón

This Galician has left an indelible mark on the world of triathlon, not only in Spain but also internationally. 

Pablo Dapena González He has won two medals at the World Long Distance Triathlon Championships, gold in 2018 and silver in 2019, and a silver medal at the 2018 European Long Distance Triathlon Championships.  

In addition, he won two bronze medals in the Ironman 70.3 European Championship, in 2019 and 2022. 

Year Competition Medal Distance
2018 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship Gold Long distance
2019 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship Silver Long distance
2018 European Long Distance Triathlon Championship Silver Long distance
2019 Ironman 70.3 European Championship Bronze Ironman 70.3
2022 Ironman 70.3 European Championship Bronze Ironman 70.3

The main reason for his retirement is to spend more time with his family. Pablo became a father last year, and he commented on his social networks that “for 21 months, priorities have changed.”  

He adds that he has missed fundamental moments and that this is the reason for his professional withdrawal. 

This is the post that the Galician has published: 

An uncertain but exciting future 

Pablo Dapena has spent more than two decades dedicated to sports and has decided that it is time to find a balance in his life.  

Although he will no longer compete professionally and internationally, he is clear that he will remain attached to triathlon. He could even compete in the third division with the team they manage in Pontevedra, Rías Baixas. 

 From Triathlon News we wish you the best in your new stage.  


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