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Results of the Spanish in the IRONMAN 70.3 2023 world championship in Lahti

El IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 2023 has taken place in the city of Lahti, Finland, and has seen impressive performances in both the men's and women's categories.

Rich Bogen, the young 22-year-old German triathlete, won the victory in the men's category with a time of 3: 32: 33.

The men's competition was marked by German dominance from the start, with athletes like Frederic Funk y Jan Stratman occupying the podium positions.

As for the Spanish representatives, Gonzalo Fuentes finished in 38th place with a time of 3:55:03, while Jordi Montraveta he finished in 42nd place with a time of 4:12:17.

On the other hand, Taylor Knibb revalidated her title in the female category, crossing the finish line with a time of 3:53:02. This victory further solidifies her position as one of the best triathletes of the moment.

But the age groups have also competed this weekend, with a large representation of Spaniards.

From Triathlon News we wanted to pay tribute to them and we have compiled the list of the Spanish in age groups that have finished the IRONMAN 70.3 2023 World Championship.

We leave you the male and female classification separately in a table with a search engine, filter, etc. so that you can easily find each triathlete, compare times and much more.

Classification Age groups men World IRONMAN 70.3 2023

Age groupJob titleAthleteCountryFinal time
M18-249Albert Redolad CanaldaESP04:01:27
M18-2481Daniel de la Cruz MarriedESP04:41:13
M25-2953Jaume Florit OrellESP04:11:02
M25-29152Alejandro Perez VarelaESP04:33:13
M30-3452Jose Miguel Vela PulidoESP04:13:30
M30-34108Adrian AvilaESP04:21:57
M30-34143Xabier TijeroESP04:25:56
M30-34162Fran Catalan of the ChurchESP04:27:51
M30-34188Javier Serrano MayoralESP04:31:30
M30-34224Inigo Bernaldo de Quiros FernandezESP04:35:59
M30-34248Ruben MalvesiESP04:39:00
M30-34297Carlos LloveraESP04:49:52
M30-34328Javier SánchezESP04:55:08
M30-34350Izan Banos MarcosESP04:59:05
M30-34356Sergio RodriguezESP05:00:24
M30-34366Ignacio Delgado FerreiraESP05:04:59
M30-34372javier lookESP05:07:36
M30-34375Luciano CappelloESP05:08:53
M35-3964Jorge Garrote GarciaESP04:19:51
M35-3973Pol SenabreESP04:21:37
M35-39102Jose Alvaro VelaESP04:24:08
M35-39120Alejandro ValencianoESP04:25:40
M35-39136Alejandro Diaz SantanaESP04:27:28
M35-39154daniel cruzESP04:29:01
M35-39173Gispert MarcESP04:31:20
M35-39199Nestor Carbayo MarriedESP04:33:57
M35-39212zeus lopez perezESP04:35:15
M35-39221Chris QuintanaESP04:36:37
M35-39245Unai Conde San MartinESP04:38:57
M35-39276Paul RockESP04:43:19
M35-39340David Santamaria UbiernaESP04:52:09
M35-39394Javier Martinez SorianoESP05:03:48
M35-39425Hector Perez GarciaESP05:15:50
M35-39455John PradaESP05:34:49
M40-4432Javier Lopez ValencianoESP04:19:39
M40-4440Marti QuerESP04:21:30
M40-4445anton lavrovESP04:22:56
M40-4480Richard Ledain SantiagoESP04:28:25
M40-4498Isaac HenaresESP04:29:44
M40-44142Diego Ribao RodriguezESP04:32:29
M40-44143Galician Serrano FranciscoESP04:32:30
M40-44150Jose Angel Gonzalez Concepcion placeholder imageESP04:33:05
M40-44159Alejandro TorrecillasESP04:33:47
M40-44180Emilio Moreno LopezESP04:36:22
M40-44199Rafael AlcaydeESP04:38:39
M40-44217Juan Jose del Rio OrtegaESP04:40:33
M40-44323Hugo GaleoteESP04:51:55
M40-44420Augustine Toribio CabreraESP05:07:34
M40-44456Ivan Diaz ChacónESP05:19:23
M45-4911Jorge Gonzalez-AlvarezESP04:23:53
M45-4936Juan Monserrat de LeonESP04:29:39
M45-4990Sergio Moreno AguadoESP04:37:57
M45-49100Santiago Abbot de AguedaESP04:39:06
M45-49104ale headESP04:39:40
M45-49117Ruben OrtizESP04:41:45
M45-49148Juan Carlos Campillo RuizESP04:45:42
M45-49198Manuel Mendez BernalESP04:51:55
M45-49199vincent jimenezESP04:52:08
M45-49213Eduard Sadurni de la TorreESP04:53:56
M45-49244Jorge Camacho-FernandezESP04:57:58
M45-49265Peio Lopez ArbizuESP04:59:47
M45-49329Parties Garcia Izquierdo JavierESP05:09:09
M45-49335German Garrote BorrullESP05:09:46
M50-5446Xavier SerranoESP04:39:50
M50-5458ruben gandiaESP04:41:16
M50-5468Javier Garces BlancoESP04:42:39
M50-54124Oscar Quero de BorjaESP04:50:26
M50-54153Juan Manuel Romero RuizESP04:54:03
M50-54169David ExpositoESP04:55:52
M50-54182Moi Gonzalez MartinezESP04:57:27
M50-54184Sergio Hernandez BenitezESP04:57:39
M50-54203Michael MoralesESP05:00:51
M50-54275Fernando German MorenoESP05:15:51
M50-54304alberto lopez saezESP05:23:29
M50-54322Jordi Gonzalez BaroESP05:29:33
M50-54365Antonio Gomez Gonzalez placeholder imageESP05:50:27
M55-59110Luis de Arriba HernandoESP05:06:48
M55-59137Manuel NarvaezESP05:13:05
M55-59141Juan GarciaESP05:13:39
M60-6459Francisco Javier de Benito BustilloESP05:28:33
M60-6489Pablo Cabeza SanchezESP05:47:58
M60-64100Jose DelgadoESP05:54:58
M70-7423Josep Colome-SomozaESP07:00:04
M70-7430Francisco Cabrera JimenezESP07:22:54

Classification Age groups women World IRONMAN 70.3 2023

Age groupJob titleAthleteCountryFinal time
F25-2976Eva Rodriguez de Trujillo Campo-CossioESP05:04:11
F30-34102Maria GijónESP05:10:14
F30-34113Natalia PradoESP05:11:31
F30-34116Lydia Puyals BoixESP05:12:16
F30-34145Laura Martinez BucardoESP05:19:50
F30-34153Pujol by Isidiro AlbaESP05:21:28
F30-34172Sara Argerich BergadaESP05:25:28
F30-34206Judit Llovera BaigetESP05:36:39
F35-3957Rocio Chaves GonzálezESP05:03:08
F40-4423Esther LealESP04:58:42
F40-44221carolina lanceESP05:55:21
F40-44224Alexandra VoskresenskayaESP05:56:47
F40-44232Violet Bonet RichESP06:01:04
F45-4945Luciana BermudezESP05:16:42
Estela PerísESP05:22:17
F45-49131Silvia BachESP05:41:19
F45-49147Rachel HenaresESP05:49:33
F50-5487Patricia MadrigalESP05:39:01
F55-59111Maria Margarita Tascon GonzalezESP6:17:16

* If there is any error in the classifications please, contact us to rectify it

Official classifications 

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