Rico Bogen World Champion IRONMAN 70.3 2023 

After female test from yesterday where Taylor knib took the title, today the men's test of the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 in the city of Lahti, Finland, where the victory has been for the 22-year-old German triathlete Rico Bogen. 

The test has been held under the format of the IRONMAN 70.3 distance with 1.900 meters of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21 kilometers of running.  

In the men's category, the victory has gone to Rich Bogen with a time of 3: 32: 33, followed by Frederic Funk (3: 33: 26) and for Jan Stratman (3: 34: 11). 

A Tough Day for the Favorites  

The 70.3 IRONMAN 2023 world championship was not easy for the favorites. Jason West, the American who has taken the world of middle distance triathlon by storm this year, withdrew due to illness before the start.  

Other athletes, including last year's winner, Kristian Blummenfelt, they also struggled with an illness that apparently originated from the PTO Tour Asian Open in Singapore. 

A critical moment in the race came when Lionel Sanders he received a penalty in the cycling segment and that was later a disqualification in the test.

It seems that he was disqualified due to a violation of the center line in cycling, but the organization has to confirm this.

German Proficiency in the Test  

From the start, the German athletes showed their dominance. Justus Nieschlag led out of the water with a time of 22:43.  

The cycling segment was very intense and with a strong rhythm. From the beginning, an initial group of ten athletes began to set a frenetic pace, seeking to increase the advantage over the rest of the triathletes. 

Among them, the French Mathis Margier and the German Frederic Funk they emerged as the dominant forces, leading the group to distance itself from the rest. However, not everyone was able to keep up; some favourites, like Ben Kanute, they had difficulties and found themselves behind.  

As the test progressed, the leading group continued to increase their lead, while some of the favourites, such as Ben Kanute or last year's champion Kristian BlummenfeltThey were struggling to stay in the competition. 

Upon reaching the run segment, Rich Bogen He showed that he was going to be the athlete to beat.  

Although he started at a slight disadvantage, he soon caught up with Funk y Margier, forming a trio in the lead.  

After a few minutes running with his rivals, he launched a decisive attack, distancing himself to look for victory going through kilometer 4 with an advantage of 15 seconds over Margier.  

As the race progressed, other athletes like Stratmann, Lewis y Nieschlag they paid for the effort while the Bogen continued to increase their advantage

Finally, RICO Bow crossed the finish line first with a time of 3:32:33, followed by Frederic Funk (3: 33: 26) and for Jan Stratman (3: 34: 11) in the third position. 

The Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt finished in 36th final position


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The Spanish 

As for the Spaniards in the test Gonzalo Fuentes finished in 38th place with a time of 3:55:03 while Jordi Montraveta he finished 42 with a time of 4:12:17. 

Top 10

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Rich Bogen 03:32:33
2 Frederic Funk 03:33:26 + 01: 03.77
3 Jan Stratman 03:34:11 + 01: 48.68
4 Mathis Margier 03:35:05 + 02: 42.74
5 Joshua Lewis 03:36:45 + 04: 22.46
6 Youri Keulen 03:37:57 + 05: 34.79
7 James Teagle 03:38:08 + 05: 45.83
8 Marc Dubrick 03:38:28 + 06: 06.07
9 Thor Bendix Madsen 03:38:29 + 06: 06.37
10 menno koolhaas 03:38:43 + 06: 20.47

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