Spiuk Tech: 15RC road shoe, competitive essence

SPIUK is honored to present its new model of road shoe for high competition. His name is not mere chance; Spiuk brand meets its 15º anniversary. During this period he has become a reference in his models of cycling shoes. Motive more than enough to celebrate with a line at the height of the anniversary.



The new 15RC for road is at this point, the footwear that brings together the best of what has characterized the previous and successful models of Spiuk. All aspects have been taken care of so that this model becomes a reference in the brand's catalog.


The competitive essence of the 15RC is beyond doubt. A great effort has been made to achieve a lightness within the reach of few models in the market that include mechanical adjustment. But it is also a road model that offers everything that a high competition shoe should have. 


On the one hand its perfect adaptability and comfort, the basis of a good performance of the athlete. The high precision adjustment by means of two wheels and the Kevlar cable guarantee the perfect support of the foot as well as a precise adjustment and to the taste of the user. There are models with only one wheel on the market, but the two-point system is more effective. Its thermo-mouldable inner layer even a more personalized fit does fit.  


And on the other hand, the perfect transmission of effort and power, can not be relegated when we talk about a tool to get the most out of the cyclist. Its SLX1 carbon fiber sole, ultralight and ultralight, guarantees the use of each watt.


The 15RC also stands out for the design of its cover that presents a pattern of perforations that optimize a direct transpiration. Asked what you are asked for, the "15" cycling shoe line has it safe.



WEIGHT: 470gr (size 42)

SIZES 38-47

- Aggressive and dynamic design.

- Thermo-moldable cover, very light, resistant and easy to clean.

- Direct transpiration with perforations in the roof.

- Sole in carbon fiber SLX1, ultralight and ultralight.

- High precision adjustment using two wheels and Kevlar cable.

- Reinforcements in the forefoot and heel.

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