Swim Grand Prix in Cascais, a swimming trip for all levels with an IRONMAN flavor

The coasts of Cascais are preparing to host a spectacle of resistance in open waters with the celebration of the Swim Grand Prix, a series of swimming crossings that cover distances from 1 km to 20 km.

This event, which will be held from September 21 to 22, 2024, offers a unique opportunity for swimmers of all levels to test their abilities and experience the excitement of competing in a natural environment and also with a test that replicates the circuits of the IRONMAN PORTUGAL which will be held on October 19.

A challenge for every level

The Swim Grand Prix is ​​characterized by its variety of distances, making it an accessible competition for swimmers of all experiences and abilities.

The star test, the Lisbon – Cascais crossing of 20 km, It has already sold out all its places, which reflects the enthusiasm that this event generates among the most experienced athletes.

However, there are still places available for Oeiras – Cascais crossing of 10 km, an ideal distance for those looking for a significant challenge without being extreme.

For those looking for shorter distances, the Swim Grand Prix also offers 5 km, 1.9 km and 1 km options.

The youngest also have their place in the Swim Grand Prix Cascais. The 400m and 200m races for children are designed to be safe and accessible.


Competition Distance Date Route Type
Lisbon – Cascais crossing 20 km 20 km 21 September 2024 Point by point
Oeiras – Cascais crossing 10 km 10 km 21 September 2024 Point by point
Swim 5km 5 km 22 September 2024 Point by point
Swim 1.9km 1.9 km 22 September 2024 Point by point
Swim 1km 1 km 22 September 2024 Point by point
Swim 3.8km 3.8 km 22 September 2024 Closed circuit
Kids 400m & 200m 400m & 200m 21 September 2024 2 laps (400 m), 1 lap (200 m)

A closed circuit 3,8 km.

One of the new features of the Swim Grand Prix this year is the inclusion of a 3.8 km closed circuit.

This distance replicates the IRONMAN course, which makes it an ideal option for triathletes preparing for this test.

The closed circuit offers a controlled and safe environment, perfect for training under real competition conditions.

More than a competition

The Swim Grand Prix is ​​not only a sports competition, but also an eUnique experience that allows participants to enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese coast.

 Cascais, the city hosting the event, is a popular tourist destination Known for its historic charm, fine sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

Visitors and athletes can take advantage of their stay in Cascais to explore the old town, stroll along the seafront or visit the impressive Boca do Inferno.

Open enrollment

Registration for all distances of the Swim Grand Prix is ​​now open and can be made through the event's official website.

Those interested are recommended not to hesitate to confirm their participation as soon as possible, since places are limited and are expected to sell out quickly due to the popularity of the event.

More information https://swimgp.com/

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