Taylor Knibb wins the PTO US Open

This morning 2l has been celebrated PTO US Open 2023 in the city of Milwaukee, United States, where the victory went to Taylor Knibb.

The test has been held under the distance of 2000 m of swimming, 80 km of cycling and 18 km of running, where 25 women participated in the test.

The competition began with the swim, where Lauren Brandon was the first out of the water, closely followed by Taylor Knibb. However, Knibb she quickly took the lead in the cycling segment, holding a steady lead and going into T2 with a 1:50 minute lead over Lucy Byram and Paula Findlay.

In the race on foot, Knibb She kept up her pace, setting the third fastest set and crossing the finish line as the winner with a time of 3:32:58.

The second place went to Ashleigh Gentle, 51 seconds away, after marking the best partial on foot of 1:05:08. The podium completed it Paula Findlay, almost 5 minutes.

Top 5

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Taylor Knibb 3:32:58 -
2 Ashleigh Gentle 3:33:49 + 00: 00: 51
3 Paula Findlay 3:37:43 + 00: 04: 45
4 Lucy byram 3:39:53 + 00: 06: 55
5 Holly Lawrence 3:40:09 + 00: 07: 11

There are no previous results.

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