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Sebastian Kienle sweeps the Roth Challenge with 7: 46: 23. Daniela Sämmler wins in women

Recital of the German who came down for 6 once in his sports career of the 8 hours in a full distance triathlon of 226 kms and also became along with Chris McCormat the only ones to break the barrier of the 8 hours three times in Roth.

Datev Challenge Roth arrived at its 35 edition, with a luxury poster in both male and female category. Roth is the fastest Ironman distance test in the world, where the best brands have been achieved in both men and women. Jan Frodeno stopped the chrono in 7: 35: 39 in the 2017 edition and in 2010 Chrissie Wellington it did it in 8: 18: 13.

In the men's category victory has been for the German Sebastian Kienle with a time of 7: 46: 23 the second place has been for his compatriot Andreas Dreitz with 7: 53: 06 and third has been the American Jesse Thomas While in the feminine category victory has been for the German Daniela Sämmler with a time of 8: 43: 42 followed by the British Lucy Charles 8: 43: 51 and Finnish Kaisa Sali with 8: 46: 49

The test began on time at the 6: 30 in the morning with the male elite output where the British Phrase Cartmell he was the first to cover the 3.800 m swim with a time of 47: 44 giving time to a stretched group where all the favorites were. Ivan Frog the only Spanish PRO in contention was in eighth position, 9" behind the leader, with Kienle y throw glued to the Galician at 5” making both of the best swims of their lives.

In the first kilometers of cycling the favorites march together until throw starts to pick up the pace and passes in the lead for the 37 kilometer giving time to a quartet with Kienle, Thomas y Bock. Measured the cyclist segment, the group is reduced to three units, with Wurf always in the lead in addition to Kienle and Thomas who hold the wake of the Australian.

Around the kilometer 100 Wurf increases the rim and only Kiele I was able to follow him, both of them spend the 122 km together and behind them 3 'of them was Andreas Dreitz, with Thomas fourth to 1 'of him. In the last kilometers of cycling, Wurf casts the rest and goes alone arriving at the T2 with 2 'of advantage over Kienle Third was Dreitz more than 6 'and further back they did it stepwise McCrystal, Thomas y Dr. Scheltinga.

throw begins the marathon with 2 'of rent but Kienle begins to trim from the first In the km 18 Kienle was still in command of the test while behind Dreitz was placed second to almost 5 'and Wurf was third to 7' of Kienle Jesse Thomas He went back and passed room with throw to 4 '. Kienle was still comfortable leading leader highlighted with Dreitz more than 5 'at km 25. For its part throw he held the third place until he was passed by Thomas at km 31. Finally victory for Sabatian Kienle with a time of 7: 46: 23, second was his compatrioata Andreas Dreitz more than 6 'and third Jesse Thomas almost 8 'winner.

Meanwhile Ivan Frog It seems that he has had to leave the cycling sector halfway.

Daniela Sämmler wins the Datv Challenge Roth ahead of Lucy Charles.

Daniela Sammler Challenge Roth

As regards the femina category, the surprise jumped, as the big favorite Lucy Charles "only" could be second, behind the local Daniela Sämmler

It all started with the planned script, Lucy Charles the first came out of the water with a time of 46:48, that is to say almost a minute better than the best of men. After more than four minutes, the American Alicia Kaye was second, along with the Czech Lucie Zelenkova. Further back, at almost 8 ′ Daniela Sämmler did it. In the first kilometers of cycling Charles maintains the advantage with his pursuers, but halfway through the sector his rivals begin to cut time. Sämmler passed 7 ′ at km 90 in second position and third was the Finnish Kaisa Sali making the best cycling partial. Following the usual script, Lucy Charles arrived alone at T2, but with her rivals giving her a lot of time. Sämmler was second to less than 4 ′ while third was Van Vlerkern to almost 9 ′ along with Kaisa Sali.

The marathon was going to decide, Lucy Charles remained first for many kilometres, while Sämmler gradually reduced her time and overtook her at kilometer 35 and went straight for the victory. Behind Kaisa Sali was third at this kilometer point, 2'30” behind Lucy.

Finally Daniela Sämmler takes the victory with a 8 time: 43: 42, second was the big favorite Lucy Charles with 8: 43: 51 and third the Finnish Kaisa Sali with 8: 46: 49. Fourth in goal was Laura Siddal with 8: 48: 42 and fifth the incombustible Ivonne Van Vlerken who broke the barrier in the 9 hours for 15ª time in her sports career, being the triathlete who has done it the most times.

Photo: Twitter Challenge Roth

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