Get back to training with Skechers

At Skechers we find a wide range of footwear depending on your goals and needs,

The beginning or the return to race training They must be accompanied by good planning, but also by quality material that avoids injuries and adapts to your level and objectives.

En Skechers we found one wide range of footwear depending on your goals and needs, And this year we have 4 options that we have details below so you can choose the one that best suits you:

4 options to train

GoRun Razor 3 Hyper

Quick and light training shoe, specially oriented for fast training and medium and long distance competitions.

Due to its lightness and its Mid-foot strike technology, it presents a stable and safe tread providing you with its versatility of use for fast training or for the competition itself.

In addition, its seamless tongue will avoid discomfort.

GoRun 7 Hyper

Neutral and light shoe with good cushioning.

Absolute flexibility both in the sole, thanks to its rubber pillars, and its Knit upper that provides breathability & fit & comfort similar to a sock

GoRun Ride 8 Hyper

Another option among neutral characterized by its lightness and cushioning.

It is the option chosen by Kenyan professional runner Edward Cheserek for your workouts. Its high quality rubber outsole provides greater durability, stability and traction.

GoRun MaxRoad 4 Hyper

Training shoe with plenty of cushioning.

Its rubber outsole promotes durability, while strategically placed pillars provide a excellent cushioning that make this shoe your best option for long distances.

 A basic tip, which we sometimes overlook, is adapting to new footwear.

It is very important that When you go to release new sneakers take 2-3 days trial with them for walking, then use them in low volume and intensity workouts And so you progressively include them in your daily use if that is the objective.

In the event that you acquire new sneakers to compete, you must also carry out an adaptation, so that the day you use them in competition you are fully adapted to their use.

The trainings

As we already mentioned at the beginning, in addition to having good material you must carry out a proper progression in training.

We leave you two 4-week progressive plans to start your workouts:


Initiation / Beginner

Medium level

Week 1

Alternate short blocks of walking and running to accumulate 20-30 minutes. Ex .: 10x (1 ′ jogging + 2 ′ walking)

Alternate middle blocks of walking and running to accumulate 30-40 minutes

Ex .: 5x (4 ′ jogging + 1 ′ walking)

Week 2

Alternate medium blocks of walking and running to accumulate 30-40 minutes. Ex .: 5x (3 ′ jogging + 2 ′ walking)

Alternate longer blocks of walking and running to accumulate 40-50 minutes

Ex .: 3x (13 ′ jogging + 2 ′ walking)

Week 3

Alternate longer blocks of walking and running to accumulate 30-40 minutes. Ex .: 3x (10 ′ jogging + 2 ′ walking)

Gradually increase the duration of continuous running workouts

Eg: Monday 30 ′, Wednesday 35 ′, etc.

Week 4

Perform running training continuously increasing the duration

Ex: Monday 20 ′, Wednesday 25 ′, etc.

Integrate rhythm changes in continuous training

Ex .: 45 ′ doing (15 ′ warm up + 3x (3 ′ medium rate + 1 ′ intense rate + 2 ′ soft rate) +8 ′ comfortable rate + 5 ′ release


You have the material, you have the advice and you have the plan, all you need to do is train!


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