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Del Corral and Vesterby win the Ironman Lanzarote 2012

The Spanish Víctor del Corral wins the Ironman Lanzarote this year with a total time of 8: 44: 45 hours. After having to leave in his first attempt, in the 2011, he has removed his shin, fulfilling a dream: WIN this Ironman Lanzarote that many describe as the toughest in the world, by the wind, the route with more than 2500m of positive slope and a lot of heat in the marathon. Victor del Corral was the first to complete this race consisting of swimming 3,8 km, cycling 180km and a marathon of 42.195 kilometers.


Despite not being a great swimmer (he was not among the top ten in the water) he quickly managed to catch up with the other athletes on the bike, finishing second when he arrived at T2. In the marathon, the British Philip Graves, retired halfway and left freeway to Del Corral that kept the pace without being approached by his pursuers, the British Stephen Bayliss and the Portuguese Sergio Márques.

Del Corral won the Ironman Lanzarote 2012 in 8: 44: 40, Stephen Bayliss arrived in 8: 53: 38 and Sergio Marques in 9: 02: 59.

Professionals were still entering the 4 posts. Bert Jammaer, from Belgium - 9: 04: 42, 5. the Swiss Patrick Jaberg - 9: 06: 26, 6. the Czech Petr Vabrousek - 9: 07: 31, another Spanish in 7. Álvaro Velazquez - 9: 11: 14 and in 8. another Belgian, Diepart Xavier - 9: 13: 34. Next, several non-professional athletes entered, among them Jaime Menéndez de Luarca from Madrid, in 11ª position with a 9 time: 21: 44.
The first canary, David Rodríguez entered 13ª position with a time of 9: 27: 06

In females, the Danish Michelle Vesterby, sponsored by Club La Santa, led the race from start to finish. This woman who participated in Lanzarote for the first time, had announced her intention to win in the previous press conference, with great confidence in herself and was up to the task. Even so, it cost him his, especially in the marathon, as the British Bella Bayliss, 2 times winner of this Ironman in addition to other 13, was approaching, and the Dutch Heleen Bij de Vaate had announced his intention to run the marathon in 3: 10. But Michelle did it, proclaiming herself the winner in 9: 58: 07 in this island that she considers her second home.

Second came Bella Bayliss in 10: 06: 13 and third Bij de Vaate in 10: 17: 34

Complete results in www.ironmanlanzarote.com


Complete results in www.ironmanlanzarote.com

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