The Deba Triathlon will summon over 300 athletes on a sprint circuit this Sunday

Everything is ready for this Sunday the fourth edition of the Triathlon Deba-Orbea Xtreme Triatloia. The municipality will host another important event of sport, a very demanding test and that hopes to gather a large number of athletes. The event will be developed in sprint mode, so the more than 300 participating athletes will have to face a course consisting of 900 meters by swimming, 30 km by bike and 5,2 km by running.

The start will take place in the estuary, in front of the Ondar Gain, at 13.00:900 p.m., a time set due to the existence of a cycling race on the same day and so that they do not coincide. In the first section, the athletes will dive into the water to complete the XNUMX meters. «The tide will be high and the exit with a lot of space seems comfortable. The arrival at the beach and a section through the sand will take us to the pits, "they explain from the organization.

Once this sector is completed, the participants will take the bike to Mendaro, where they will turn around to take the detour in Sasiola and complete the last part of the Lastur route, which will avoid the climb to the Alto del Calvario last year. . The last stretch will run around the estuary, in a flat crossing with a steep slope and that must climb twice.
The Club Deba-Itziar Xtreme has chosen to return to the sprint distance, thus reducing the distances with respect to last year, since "for our resources it is the best option, but this does not take hardness or spectacularity to the circuit", they explain from the organization.
This quote "would not have been possible without the support of the town council, Cycles Turbina, local entities, trade and hospitality of Deba». "It is recommended to those who wish to come to see the test, use the train or bus as there may be parking problems," clarifies the entity debarra.
The deadline to register in the Debakotri will remain open until tomorrow. Those interested in signing up for the Debakotri or Deba Triathlon can do so through the website of the Basque Federation (
The cost for the federated amounts to 23 euros and those who are not 33, to which we must add 2 euros for the rental of the chip for those who do not own it. Registration will not be accepted on the same day of the race.
The winner of the test, both male and female, will receive a prize 180 euros, a trophy and a txapela. The second ones will get 125 euros and a trophy, while the third ones will have to settle for 80 and another trophy. The first of the Club Deba-Itziar Xtreme, as well as the winners of the junior sections, sub-23 and veterans 1 and 2 will also be awarded a trophy. In addition, there will be raffles for everyone.

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