The VII Ciudad de Almería Triathlon will gather more than 500 athletes

Almería will become the capital of endurance events this weekend thanks to the celebration of the VII Ciudad de Almería Triathlon, a great event that will have more than 500 athletes and that will take place this coming Sunday at El Toyo.

The test was presented this morning by the Councilor for Sports of Almería, Juan José Alonso, who was accompanied by David Martínez, a representative of Almeritour Sport, the company that organized the test together with the Municipal Sports Board.

The mayor has highlighted that the triathlon is experiencing a boom in Almería, given the number of athletes who opt for this discipline "which has three modalities, swimming, then cycling, ending with a running race." He has explained that the event will have two categories, "those of sprint and supersprint", commenting that the latter is more popular, more accessible to athletes who do not have a great preparation, with a shorter journey.

The VII Triathlon will be held in El Toyo, next Sunday, June 10, and Alonso has stated that he hopes "that the people of Almeria decide to see this event, which will feature the best triathletes in Andalusia, such as the Raso brothers, Victoriano and Bruno, who are winning almost all the triathlons, if not all, that are taking place in Andalusia”.

David Martínez, for his part, thanked the Board of Trustees for their support, especially in the current situation, and highlighted the number of practitioners, stating that the organization of the test has received congratulations for the volume of athletes that it will gather, since it will be “The second participation test in Andalusia'. He has commented that the sprint test will have 750 meters, for the swimming test; 20 kilometers, for the bicycle; and 5, for the foot race; and the supersprint, 300 meters and 7 and 2,5 kilometers, respectively.

The appointment will also have the team modality, in which each test can be carried out by a different athlete; that of couples, in which both must participate together in all; and adapt, in which Almería has two great competitors, Miguel Ángel Úbeda and Jairo Ruiz. The competition will begin at 1030 hours, with the supersprint modality; at 1200, the men's sprint will start, and five minutes later, the women's.

There are no previous results.

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