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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Getxo will be the epicenter of the world triathlon

All the eyes of the world triathlon will be on Getxo next Sunday. The best international athletes, such as the Swiss Oliver Marceau, and popular runners will form a team of up to half a thousand participants that will place the Biscayan municipality in the front row of the world showcase. Everything is ready for Extreme Man 113, the first long-distance triathlon to be held in Euskadi.

The appointment will start at 8.30:12.30 am and it is estimated that the top finishers finish around 16.30:113 pm and the last ones around 1.900:90 pm. The nerve center of the test is Ereaga beach and the complete circuit will have a distance of 21 kilometers, divided as follows: XNUMX meters of swimming, XNUMX kilometers by bicycle (two laps of a circuit that will also cross towns such as Berango, Sopelana, Urduliz, Plentzia, Mungia and Laukiz) and a XNUMX-kilometre run on foot, with three laps of a circuit that will run between Ereaga and Las Arenas along the promenade. “The cycling sector is hard, you have to go up to Unbe and that part will be a bit Rompepiernas. And the race on foot will be very beautiful because it will go to the Hanging Bridge”, valued the local triathlete Iker Martín.

In this first edition there will be an 20% of foreign participants, highlighting the presence of Marceau, world champion and maximum candidate for victory, 60% of the State and 20% of Euskadi, according to Iñigo Elarre, from Win Sports Factory, organizer of the event.

The mayor of Getxo, Imanol Landa, stressed that this event "will mean an unbeatable tourist and economic opportunity for the entire municipality in general, and for the commerce and hospitality sector of Ereaga and the Old Port, in particular." In this sense, Elarre explained that according to the calculations handled by the organization if the test is held in Getxo annually, in 2015 it could bring together 1.200 triathletes and report "an economic return of one million euros".

Source: deia.com

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