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Mendigorria will hold a Quadrathlon and Triathlon MTB test

Mendigorría will celebrate next Saturday, May 19, the first edition of its Quadriathlon that consists of completing 700m of swimming + 3 km in canoe +14 km in Bicileta ending with 4 km of running.


The initiative came from the hand of Camping El Molino, who proposed the holding of a sporting event that included some test on the river.

In this way, and in collaboration with the City Council, they got in touch with the Navarra Federation of Triathlon, which has collaborated in the technical organization and dissemination among fans of this sport.

The test also has the support of BIOANDELOS (BIOPANADERIA MENDIGORRIA) and the goal is to be established in the Navarra sports calendar.

The competition will start at 16.00 on Saturday 19 in May and will consist of swimming 700 meters, with departure and arrival at the campsite's jetty. From there will also be a canoe trip on the Arga River of 2 kilometers. Next, the BTN cyclist test of 14 kilometers will be played, in the vicinity of the town. Finally, the foot race will take place, of 4 km, which will run in part through the urban case of Mendigorría.

Participation is allowed individually or by relays making each person a part.

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