Samer Ali Guardia and María Pujol prevail in the Cádiz Triathlon 2012

Some 450 athletes -the maximum allowed-, accompanied by good weather, competed on the morning of Sunday May 6 in the Cádiz Triathlon 2012, a high-level event that premiered in the city, under the pretext of the Bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812, organized by the Club Deportivo Cádiz Costa de la Luz, with the collaboration of the City Council, the Provincial Council and other private entities.

The Sevillian Samer Ali Saad Guardia and María Pujol showcased their talent and prevailed in the highest categories, in boys (Andrés Carnevali and Pedro Lumbreras were second and third) and girls (Sonia Vázquez and Clara Fernández completed the podium) respectively.

The athletes not only from the province, but from different parts of the region and the State, supported by a large public, began the test by swimming 750 meters on the beach of Santa María del Mar. At the exit of the sea, they climbed the ramp of the Plaza de la Estrella to ride the bicycles and participate in the cycling race along the seafront and up to the entrance of San Fernando, completing a 22,5 kilometer circuit. Finally, they faced the race on foot in a circuit between Avenida Fernández Ladreda, Glorieta Los Balbos and Paseo del Vendaval, which they did three times to complete 4,5 kilometers.

The test also had a special category for members of the community of the University of Cádiz. Thus, the best male triathlete belonging to the UCA was Pedro Ros (School of Marine, Nautical and Radioelectronic Engineering); while the best girl was Susana García (Faculty of Marine Sciences).

This competition, in the previous one, also offered different activities around physical exercise, healthy living and fun: such as a cycle of sports-themed conferences in the Youth House, outdoor cycling sessions and a children's aquathlon. DAILY

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