Sebastià Catllà and Alba Xandri, winners of the first edition of the Spanish Winter Triathlon Cup

Sebastià Catllà and Alba Xandri have been proclaimed winners of the first edition of the Spanish Winter Triathlon Cup and end the season of the modality as first classified in the ranking.

Of the four tests that made up the Cup, the Spanish Championship of Reinosa; Ansó Béjar and Isaba, the first of them had 1000 score (the first in the test receives those points, while the rest receive a part inversely proportional to their classification), while the other three tests were 750 score. Being four competitions, they scored three, one of which must necessarily be the Spanish Championship.

Sebastià Catllà, from PC Bonavista, is a veteran triathlete who, season after season, looks at the "top-10" of the Spanish Championship and how many events are held, since he is a regular. His regularity in the three tests he has played in the four that make up the Cup, with the third place in the box in all, has allowed him to become the first winner of the circuit. After Catllà has been classified Pello Osoro, Delteco Eiba Triatloi Taldea, who with his fifth place in the Spanish Championship of Reinosa, a second in Ansó and a third in Béjar, as best results, has achieved the second position in Cup and ranking . The podium is closed by Xabier Orduna, from Hiruki Valle de Egüés, who was sixth in the Spanish Championship and on Sunday in Isaba, and fourth in Ansó.

In the female category the winner, Alba Xandri, belongs to the Club Triatló Berga. She is a very versatile athlete, with excellent results and international participation, among other modalities in mountain races, snowshoe races, mountain skiing, or already in our sport, in Olympic triathlon or in Ironman. In 2013 was proclaimed runner-up of Spain Winter Triathlon, and this year has reached the leadership of the ranking and the final triumph in the Cup thanks to its third position in Reinosa, a second in Ansó and a first in Béjar and Isaba; although he only needed one of the two to proclaim himself the winner. After Alba has been a historic winter triathlon, Yolanda Magallón, of the Transportes Sola Tarazona, which with a fourth place in the Championship of Spain, a first in Ansó and a second in Béjar (the same result as in Isaba), remains one more year among the elite of this sport. It closes the podium of this Cup Soraya García, of Mountain Bike Somiedo, that would score with a sixth position in Reinosa and two third ones (Béjar and Isaba, while in Ansó it would be fourth).

A prize of 1000 € will be distributed among the first three classified in each of the two categories, male and female. The trophies of this first 2014 Winter Triathlon Cup will be delivered next season in some of the 2015 Cup events, to which we place you from now on.


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