Spain will have a broad representation in the Quarteira European Cup in April

Among the next 12 and 13 in April, a total of 39 Spanish triathletes will go to the Portuguese city of Quarteira to play the ETU European Cup in the elite and junior categories.

Those responsible for opening the Portuguese event will be the elite triathletes who during the 12 race in April will compete for a circuit whose first segment will consist of two swimming laps (1.5 km in total), to continue with a cyclist route of 40 km eminently flat with some turns of 180º and a small slope. To complete with a final sector consisting of four laps of running on a flat stretch by the sea.

In the male elite, the participation of Vicente Hernández, Fernando Alarza, Uxío Abuín, Ricardo Hernández, David Castro, Iñaki Balldellou, Antonio Benito, Emilio Aguayo, Pau Castellvell and Nan Oliveras stand out. While in females we will have Tamara Gómez, María Ortega, Anna Godoy, Miriam Casillas, Sara Bonilla, Ana Mariblanca, Melina Alonso, Anna Flaquer and Laura Gómez.

The junior competitions will take place throughout the morning of Sunday 13 of April, started with the girls in a race in which the Spanish Inés Santiago, Ana Carvajal, Cecilia Santamaría, Carmen Gómez, Raquel Mateos, Sara Ruiz, Meritxel Velasco will participate. , Mar Solís, Sara Guerrero and Cristina Tortella. In boys we will have Antonio Serrat, Roberto Sánchez, Andrés Cendán, Alberto González, Plácido Venegas, Joan Noguera, Arturo Galián, Jesús del Val, Javier Rico and Javier Lluch. The competition will run through a first segment of a single round of 0,75 km of swimming, followed by 20 km cyclists and to finish with two laps of 5 km each running.


Photo: ITU

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