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Statements by Javier Gómez Noya

“Alistair has proven to be a fair winner. For the first time in the Olympic Games the podium has been fair. We have been who we had to be, "said Gómez Noya, second after the British Alistair Brownlee and ahead of his brother Jonathan.

The Spanish triathlete highlighted the work prior to the Games. “I am very proud of the work behind it. Silver has come out as gold, bronze or nothing could have come out. But my work is the same and that is the fundamental thing”, indicated Gómez Noya, who is confident that London 2012 will not be his last Olympic experience.

“It's not my last chance. It is not known what can happen in four years, although I would like to go to the Olympic Games to compete with the best in the best conditions, ”she said.

“But hopefully I can be in Rio if the injuries respect me and the motivation is as it is up to now. So I will be there”, stressed the Spanish triathlete.

The gold medal is the dream that remains for Gómez Noya to fulfill. "It's very complicated. But I want to keep doing what I do, keep being on top; You always have to try to outdo yourself. It is what I have always done throughout my sports career and what I intend to continue doing”.

“I am very happy with the results of the last six or seven years, which have been very good. But I was missing the Olympic medal and I already have it”, highlighted Javier Gómez Noya.

"The day I don't feel like improving myself, I'll dedicate myself to something else," said the Spanish athlete, who found more than a hundred congratulatory messages on his mobile.

“I had more than 100 messages on my mobile. I have not been able to reply to anyone, but thanks very much to everyone who has sent them. To those who have followed me from here and those who have followed me from home," said Gómez Noya.

"It's very nice to see such a follow-up to a sport that is not for the masses," continued the Olympic silver medalist in London 2012, who after a few days off intends to "enjoy the Games."

"I hope to have a calm week and enjoy the Games, which until now I have not been able to, and move on with the World Cup," he said. “This year I have not competed very much and there are still very interesting tests left”, recalled Javier Gómez Noya.


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