The Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team signs the Spanish champion Raúl Amatriain

The new project in the triathlon of Orbea-Orca will be in their ranks for this season with the current champion of Spain of Average distance, the navarro Raúl Amatriain.



Raúl will be together with Albert Moreno the Spanish team's long-distance bet and will focus its season objectives on the Barcelona-Maresme Half-Distance Long Distance European Championship and two Ironman distance races yet to be determined.


Amatriain: "Seeing yourself in a team with people of such high level is a reward for daily work"

"For me it is a pride and a luxury that a brand that has bet strongly for triathlon, as Orbea-Orca has shown with this project, count on me," said the Navarrese, who added: "Count on your support and with a Premium material is a guarantee. Seeing you in a team with people of both levels means that we have done things well so far, a reward for work and daily effort. For me it is sometimes hard to combine training and work but this is a plus of motivation, which I hope will be up to the task and both parties will be satisfied. "


Gorka Blasko: "Raúl demands the most"

The trainer of the new triathlete of the Orbea Orca triathlon team, defines Raúl as "a person who demands the maximum both in training and in competition. Having Orbea-Orca material of high quality I think it will give you a bonus both when training and competing. " Blasko has especially valued the confidence of Orbea-Orca because "the fact that Raúl can not devote all his time to training and rest makes the planning of the season we have to do based on their working conditions and that leads us to not being able to plan objectives beyond 4 or 5 months view ".


Raúl Casañas: "We want to support struggling people with extraordinary quality"

For his part, Raúl Casañas - marketing manager of Orca and head of the Orbea-Orca triathlon team - has been enthusiastic about this new addition, stating that "having Raúl makes sense in Spain of the triathlon project we announced a few days ago. We want to support the sport not only by signing international top ironman, but by accommodating people like Raúl, fighter and with an extraordinary quality ". Casañas underlined that "Raúl closed an incredible season and combines sports with his work, something that makes his results even more brilliant. Everything points to a new great pro in the national panorama "


To the World Championship and the European Championship!

Not only the leader of the Orbea triathlon team is convinced of the bright possibilities of Amatriain: the Spanish Triathlon Federation has selected him to attend the World Championship to be held in June in the French town of Belfort, as well as to the European September, which will also take place in the French country.

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