Felipe Gutiérrez leaves the Spanish Triathlon Federation

Farewell letter from Felipe Gutiérrez (Director of Competitions of the FETRI)

See you later! I will not be in the new 2013 cycle

Today officially begins a new cycle in the Spanish Triathlon Federation, today they have elected President of the FETRI until after the next JJ.OO. Good luck, I wish all those involved in this work that for the time they come will be very hard. Good luck to President Jose Hidalgo and all his people.


I will not be in my position as Sports Director / Competition Director, I have made the decision not to continue in the Federation and as of today I no longer have any position in the FETRI.


In this first phase, I will be helping or at least trying to make the transition of the person who will lead the competitions as easy as possible. I will continue going to the FETRI until the moment it is no longer necessary and they will have my collaboration without further ado.

At the moment I will be in one of the national competitions and I will help when they ask for my help and not only the FETRI but also some autonomy, some club, some sportsman ... as I have always tried to do in these 25 years that I have (not in the FETRI) in the Triathlon world.

Nobody think that I'm going with bad rolls, I'm leaving voluntarily and I do not say goodbye because I'm going to another project in the world of triathlon, I'm going to the private company and that's why I tell you, see you later!

Soon you will have news from me and the new project that undoubtedly excites me and that in a way "I gave birth" and that thanks to the private initiative will go forward.


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