Jesús Molina Álvarez candidate for the presidency of the Madrid Triathlon Federation

Jesús Molina Álvarez, candidate for the presidency of the Madrilenian Triathlon Federation, has sent the following statement to the Triathlon News editorial team by email, together with his request for publication, in which the full text is maintained as a candidate for the next regional elections:

"I have been linked to the triathlon for 10 for years when I started my career in the legendary T3 Real Canoe, during which time I have competed in Spain, University and regional championships in different distances and modalities from the Olympic to the long distance. economic of companies.

The reason for my candidacy is the germ of the "Union of Clubs of Madrid" that was born in January of 2012, after the General Assembly of the Madrilenian Federation several presidents of clubs participating in the Assembly informed the president and secretary, at that moment of the federation, the initiative to try to agree with the clubs of Madrid to face a series of points that we think can be improved at the federative level, which have been rejected by the federation after various conversations. From the federation we were urged to submit a candidacy.

After a democratic process and a lot of work, we managed to get our candidacy forward, whose basic pillars are communication, transparency and plurality.

The main workhorse of my candidacy is that the federation must conduct a management based on the needs demanded by the triathletes through their clubs. You can not take a totalitarian work line without paying attention to the equipment. The federation must get off at the foot of "Boxes" and listen to the athletes and see what their concerns and needs in this sport are.

Another aspect that seems fundamental to me is to change is the current electoral law. From my person and from our candidacy we express our total rejection to the current electoral process. It does not seem logical to call elections in a working day, the deadlines and forms of vote by mail that are not consistent with the seriousness that should have a federation of this character, the vote should be direct to a candidacy and not to an assembly of representatives and finally it seems regrettable that the elections are called a day after the National Federation, thus giving a vote to these elections to an autonomous president immersed in the electoral process.

Regarding competitions in the local area we must take a leap of important quality, we can not allow the autonomous championships of our community do not meet minimum requirements in terms of circuit safety, planning and location. These are aspects that do not have money as a condition and in which I believe there is a long way to go.

In short, the candidature wants a federation open to the athlete and that they feel that there is an organization that is interested and works to bring to fruition their concerns in the triathlon. It is a candidacy open to all clubs, athletes and groups that have ideas that can make this sport grow.

From here we encourage the triathletes of the community to vote the next December 11 day, in this way we will obtain an electoral reflection more faithful to their needs and concerns.

You can study all our proposals in the following link:

A big hug Jesús Molina Álvarez "

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