Laura Gómez bronze medal in the Junior European Cup of Quarteria

In another great day, the Spanish triathletes have reaped meritorious results in the course of the Junior European Cup held this Sunday in the Portuguese town of Quarteira. A splendid Laura Gomez has been awarded the bronze medal in the female category. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the fourth place Antonio Serrat in the men's competition.



The tests have run on distance sprint, with a few 750 m swimming initials, to then proceed with 20 km cyclists and finish with 5 km of running on foot.

Laura Gomez has stood out throughout the circuit, achieving the second best record in the cycling segment, and in a formidable race on foot, arrived at the second round of the sector was placed in front along with Luisa Condeço and Ivana Kuriackova. The podium was decided in a final sprint, with Kuriackova achieving the triumph. After the Slovakian arrived the Portuguese Condeço to 6 seconds, while Gómez entered 16 seconds.

To the third place achieved by Laura Gómez, joins the good role of Camila Alonso, 9ª in the general and the 10ª place achieved by Cecilia Santamaría.

In the men's category victory has been for French Raphael Montoya, who has been accompanied on the podium by the Dutch Jorik Van Egdom and the Irish Constantine Doherty; second and third respectively.

Next, the Spanish Serrat has obtained the fourth place, after shining in the cyclist section along with Roberto Sánchez, obtaining both the two best partials of the sector. While Genis Grau has achieved the 7ª place, followed by Ignacio González, 9º and Roberto Sánchez, 10º.

On the other hand, Arturo Galián has finished in 16ª position; Antonio Benito has achieved the 18ª square, Pol Samso has entered 19º; Luis Gutiérrez, 20º; Óscar De Nicolás, 28º;

Álvaro Campos, 29º; Ignacio Manso, 35º; Javier Rico, 36º; Guillermo Martínez, 41º; Martín Millo, 43º and Andrés Cendán, 45º. While Rodrigo García had to leave during the race on foot.

After the good results achieved in Quarteira, Laura Gómez obtains her ticket for the next Junior European Championship. While Óscar Serrat and Genis Grau have also certified their presence in a meeting that will take place in Alanya (Turkey) next June 14.

In this way, these tests put the finishing touch to a very good Spanish performance during a dream weekend

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Men's junior classification


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