The Half Marbella Triathlon is canceled


Dear Triathletes, from the organization of this race we inform you of the decision to cancel the test scheduled for the next 28 day in April.

We are forced to do so by the lack of acceptance in the triathletic community of the test, despite the fact that, in our opinion, we had all the elements in favor of having a medium distance triathlon.

We put a very high ceiling in the production of a category test, with very high organization costs that with the limited participation we can not assume either economically or in the necessary infrastructures with the involvement of 4 municipalities, General Directorate of Traffic, cuts of important roads etc. ...

For all of this, we would like to thank you very sincerely for the trust placed in us, to apologize for not being able to carry out the dream of the medium-distance triathlon of Marbella. Assume the losses that this decision generates and put us at your disposal for what you need.


On behalf of the organization of Half Marbella Triathlon reiterate our sincere apologies to all the triathletes enrolled in the event.


 Hoping that the speed in this communication to three months of the test, palie in some way the disorders and disappointment that we know will produce our decision, which no one will cause more harm and pain than those who are involved in the realization of the event.

There are no previous results.

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