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5 swimming gifts for triathletes

If you still do not know what to ask the wise men, we give you 5 ideas to hit the 100% with a triathlon or swimming fan

Swim pack 2x Zoggs Goggles 36 €

Our collaborator Visiorama Sport offers an irresistible promotion for those who love swimming, 2 glasses Zoggs Predator for only 36 € on their website

Boys Pack

Zoggs Boys Swimming Pack in Visioramasport

  • 1 glasses Zoggs Predator Limited Edition 2017
  • 1 glasses Zoggs predator silver / black smoke tinted lens


Girls Pack

Girls Zoggs Swimming Pack in Visioramasport

  • 1 Zoggs Predator Womens Silver Pink glasses
  • 1 glasses Zoggs Predator Small Silver tinted lens


And as a gift to choose between

  • Beach shovels 
  • Sport towel (approx 40 by 60 cm)
  • Glass bottle

Pool Pack Zone3 86 €

Zone3 Swimming Pack

Training accessories set composed of:

  • Mesh Bag.
  • Pull Buoy.
  • Multicolor table.
  • Hand Paddles Mittens.
  • Volare Swimming Goggles


Nonbak Donut. Specific swimming buoy for swimming in open water 34,95 €

Donut Nombak Swimming Buoy

The main difference of the donut with respect to the other Nonbak buoys lies in the fact that the athlete can open and access the load deposited inside the buoy during the swim without any water entering the buoy unless the sea conditions are adverse.

Easy assembly with an adjustable waist belt attached to a strap. Ideal for storing objects and / or material that the athlete considers essential while swimming. They offer high visibility in open spaces.


Shovels without rubber Iso paddles by Finis, 22,95 €

Paddles Natació Finish


The American brand presents these innovative rubber-free blades that allow the swimmer to isolate different muscle groups to improve position and stroke technique.

Iso paddles paddles by Finis are designed to isolate specific muscle groups, improve the position of the hand and take more awareness of each stroke. Specifically designed to create an imbalance in the water grip phase, which forces the swimmer to compensate and apply more pressure on all sides of the paddle to maintain a correct stroke. This imbalance is what makes the swimmer pay attention and become aware of the position of the hand in the water during all phases of the stroke.

We could say that these blades are reversible because depending on the hand in which each blade is used, inside or outside, allows the swimmer to isolate different muscle groups such as triceps and trapezius, or chest, biceps and shoulder. By not using rubber for hand grip and thanks to its ergonomic design, the Finis Iso blades educate the correct position of the hand and facilitate the exchange of blades between sets.

The Finis Iso blades are available in one size and have a suggested retail price of 22,95 €. Available at usual points of sale.


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