40 different models in the INVERSE Kukuxumusu masks

The base of this mask is the same as the rest of the INVERSE protection masks

One of the masks with best "good vibes" on the market already has more than 40 models to choose from

The base of this mask is the same as the rest of the reusable protection masks Windflap Kukuxumusu  of INVERSE.

It is a mask with a high level of breathability thanks to its FLAPTECH Sport filter.

A filter certified with UNE 0065: 2020 that guarantees a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 94,16% +/- 2,45, creating an efficient barrier against viruses and bacteria.

 3 layers with 3 different fabrics for double protection

Inverse®, with more than 50 years of history in the manufacture of sportswear of cycling, triathlon, running, trail, swimming, skiing, etc ... He has a long experience and technical knowledge of the appropriate fabrics.

The WindFlap® protective mask with Kukuxumusu® designs features 3 real layers of protection, made with three different fabrics for three different functions:

INVERSE Kukuxumusu mask models
INVERSE Kukuxumusu mask models

Outer Layer.

220 gr water-repellent fabric. what repels liquids. Manufactured with 80% Polyester and 20% Elastane and with ISO 1883 (composition), ISO 9237 (permeability) and ISO 4920 (spray) certifications.

This outer layer has the possibility of being customizable by means of the sublimation technique with ecological inks.

Removable Middle Layer.

126 gr FLAPTECH filter that works as a water-repellent filter and acts as barrier for viruses and bacteria. Made with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

  • Washable and reusable. Certificate: UNE 0065: 2020.
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE%) 94,16 +/- 2,45.
  • Breathability: Differential pressure (Pa / cm2) 19 +/- 1.
  • Spare parts for this filter are also marketed.

Inner layer.

Antibacterial fabric of 80 gr. with a pleasant touch in contact with the skin. Made with 82% Polyamide and 18% Elastane and with ISO 1883 (composition), ISO 9237 (permeability) and ISO 4920 (spray) certifications

It must be emphasized that it is a protective product, in no case is it a PPE (personal protective equipment) or a PS (medical device).

All the fabrics used are manufactured in the EEC (European Economic Community)


The WindFlap® protective mask with Kukuxumusu® designs is washable, allowing constant reuse.

Where to buy it?

All INVERSE hygienic masks can be purchased online through the online store www.inverseshop.com/


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