SIGMA ROX 2.0 and ROX 4.0 update

Smarter navigation – now with smart rerouting and turn-by-turn directions

SIGMA has optimized the browsing experience of ROX 4.0 and ROX 2.0 GPS cycle computers and the SIGMA RIDE app with new and practical functions.


ROX cycle computers now feature dynamic rerouting and more comfortable track management.

The SIGMA RIDE app impresses with its own turn-by-turn directions, a route search function and optimized training views.

 Intelligent route calculation

Riders who are on the road with the ROX 2.0 or ROX 4.0 and plan their ride with the Search & Go function of the SIGMA RIDE app can now use intelligent re-routing.

If they spontaneously deviate from the suggested route, a new route to the destination is automatically calculated when the connection to the SIGMA RIDE app is active, instead of being redirected back to the originally calculated track.

SIGMA's own turn-by-turn directions

Users can now use the so-called “map enrichment feature” and add turn-by-turn directions when importing or creating their own tracks.

To do this, the track is sent to the SIGMA server through the SIGMA RIDE app, where it is enriched with SIGMA's own turn-by-turn directions.

Turn-by-turn directions can also be added to the track generated after performing an activity. Tracks can be consulted quickly and clearly at any time through a new search bar in the app.

Improved user experience

The user experience of the SIGMA RIDE app has also been improved. Within the sports profiles, the training views have been optimized.

Additionally, you can now change your sports profile during an activity in progress. All activities on the device can also be managed through the SIGMA RIDE app.

After each activity, cyclists can share their journey with their community on social networks such as Instagram in the form of a post, story or message.

 Availability and more information

The new features are available immediately via a free firmware update to the ROX 2.0 and ROX 4.0, as well as via an update to the SIGMA RIDE app.

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