The Brownlee brothers launch the first artificial intelligence for training 

The Brownlee brothers, Alistair and Jonny, two iconic names in this sport with Olympic medals to their credit, have presented “Ask AL", The first conversational artificial intelligence Specifically designed for multisport training.  

This release represents a significant advancement in the way athletes approach triathlon training and preparation. 

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) allows software to understand and respond to human conversations, whether voice or text, mimicking human interactions.  

“Ask AL” takes this concept one step further. Developed with the experience and knowledge accumulated over four decades of the Brownlee brothers, this AI provides personalized answers to questions related to triathlon and other endurance sports. 

The advantage of “Ask AL” lies in its ability to offer intelligent and personalized solutions.  

Athletes can receive advice based directly on Alistair and Jonny's vast training and competition experiences.  

Additionally, access to “Ask AL” is completely free, demonstrating the Brownlee brothers' commitment to the accessibility and advancement of the sport. 

You can check for yourself how it works on the website  

In the next six months, Brownlee Fitness, the entity behind “Ask AL”, plans to introduce advanced versions, delving even further into the growing triathlon training sector.  

Alistair Brownlee, double Olympic champion, has expressed that this is just the beginning of a promising technological roadmap, focused on notable innovations in the field of sports training. 

Jonny Brownlee, also an Olympic medalist, has highlighted the reliability and precision of “Ask AL”. During the development phase, the team put the AI ​​through rigorous testing, and despite their attempts to challenge the system, “Ask AL” consistently provided accurate and useful answers, impressing creators and users alike. 

A new step in training

The release of “Ask AL” is not only great news for fans and admirers of the Brownlee brothers, but also a milestone in the evolution of triathlon training.  

This technology opens up new possibilities for athletes, offering a valuable resource that can change the way they prepare for competitions and improve their performance. 

This technological advance in the field of sports training reflects how innovation and knowledge can transform athletic preparation.  

With “Ask AL”, the Brownlee brothers They are not only making their mark on competition, but also on the way triathlon athletes train and prepare for their future challenges. 



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