The AURA 100 / BLAZE LINK smart lighting set is now available in stores

With the "connected lights" set AURA 100 / BLAZE LINK from SIGMA SPORT, lighting on the bike can be controlled, designed and experienced in a completely new way.

At the same time, it makes cycling, both day and night, more enjoyable and, above all, safer.

With its innovative features, the AURA 100 / BLAZE LINK set accompanies cyclists safely and comfortably during training and leisure time.

The set is made up of the front light AURA 100 LINK and the back light with BLAZE LINK brake light function.

Highlight: Thanks to an innovative link function, the lights can be paired with each other in an instant via BLE. Once connected, both lights can be switched on and off via the AURA 100 LINK headlight and controlled intuitively.

The aim of the Automatic mode, a built-in light sensor automatically turns both lights on and off.

This ensures visibility and safety even during the day, for example when passing through tunnels or dark forest roads.

The LED indicators Located at the top of the headlight, they always provide an overview of the battery status of both lights, as well as the mode currently in use.

The innovative lighting set received the Winner award at Eurobike 2021.

Maximum power: the AURA 100 LINK

With a light intensity of up to 100 lux and a range of 110 meters, the AURA 100 LINK is SIGMA's most powerful StVZO-certified headlamp and ensures optimal visibility in road traffic.

The powerful and homogeneous illumination is made possible by a specially developed high-quality converging lens in combination with a high-power Osram LED.

Riders can choose between five lighting modes: In the mode estándard, the front light shines up to 3 hours at 100 lux, in the mode medium for 4 hours at 75 lux and in mode with for 6 hours at 50 lux.

If the journey takes a little longer, the mode Eco Provides sufficient illumination for up to 12 hours at 25 lux.

In the mode "Car«, an integrated brightness sensor automatically turns the front light on and off and adjusts the power to the ambient light.

This saves battery power and is ideal when it gets dark on a stretch of road. The AURA 100 LINK display always shows which mode the front light is being used in.

La lateral light line acts as a light guide and increases visibility from both sides. It is an important safety element that makes you stand out, especially in road traffic.

El quick release is very practical- The integrated slider makes the AURA 100 LINK even more suitable for everyday use.

The light can be easily removed from the mount and stowed away to save space, and when needed, can be snapped back onto the handlebar in seconds. 

The perfect partner: the BLAZE LINK rear light

The BLAZE LINK rear light, which also complies with StVZO standard, considerably increases the safety of the cyclist in road traffic by providing a visibility from 500 meters, an integrated brake light function and automatic lighting mode.

Thanks to integrated acceleration sensor on the BLAZE LINK, three powerful LEDs clearly signal each braking to other road users.

El light sensor, for its part, detects ambient light and automatically turns the rear light on and off in low light conditions, guaranteeing the safety and visibility of the cyclist in road traffic.

In the AURA 100 / BLAZE LINK set, both the AURA 100 LINK and the BLAZE LINK can be used separately.

Now on sale

The AURA 100 / BLAZE LINK set is now available in stores with an RRP of €99,95.

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