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Black Friday at Rotor: Equip your bike with the best discounts 

El Black Friday comes to Rotor with unbeatable offers, giving cycling lovers the opportunity to equip their bicycles with high-quality components at exceptional prices.  

This year, Rotor goes one better by offering discounts of up to 44% in a selection of its most notable products. 

Star Products on Offer Rotor

This Black Friday, Rotor presents a range of products with discounts that you cannot miss: 

Products  Previous price  Actual Price  Description 
2INPOWER ROAD DM 2X CRANKSET  €1,258.00  €699.00  Ideal for road cyclists looking for precision and durability. 
INPOWER GLOSS SHIMANO 2X12 CRANKSET  €749.00  €549.00  Perfect for those who prefer Shimano compatibility. 
2INPOWER MTB DM CRANKSET  €1,049.00  €699.00  Ideal option for mountain bike lovers. 
INPOWER MTB DM CRANKSET  €799.00  €529.00  Ideal for mountain bikers looking to improve their performance. 
ROUND RINGS BCD110X4 12-11S AERO  €57.90  €46.32  For those looking for aerodynamics and efficiency. 
Q RINGS BCD110X4 12-11S  €59.90  €47.92  Ideal for smoother and more efficient pedaling. 
ROUND RINGS BCD110X4 12-11S  €49.50  €39.60  For those who prefer tradition and reliability. 
Q RINGS BCD110X4 12-11S OUTER AERO  €134.90  €107.92  Combines aerodynamics and performance. 
ROUND RINGS DM 2X  €209.00  €167.20  For a direct and efficient update. 
Q RINGS DM 2X  €229.00  €183.20  For an optimized pedaling experience. 

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Take advantage of the 20% Discount on Dishes 

In addition to these offerings, Rotor provides a 20% discount on all your dishes, including the innovative Q RINGS and the reliable ROUND RINGS.  

This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade or replace your current chainrings and take your cycling to the next level. 

Improve your Performance with Rotor 

Rotor has established itself as a leading brand in the world of cycling thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality.  

Their products are meticulously designed to improve the cycling experience, offering greater efficiency and comfort with every pedal stroke.  

This is achieved through a combination of advanced technology, high-quality materials and a design specifically tailored to the needs of cyclists. 

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

Rotor products incorporate innovative technologies that distinguish them in the market. For example, their cranks and chainrings are designed to optimize the transfer of energy from the cyclist to the bicycle, which results in more efficient pedaling

Don't Miss This Unique Opportunity 

This Black Friday, Rotor invites you to join the community of cyclists who trust their products to improve their performance and enjoy their passion for cycling even more. 

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