• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Lynx Coros cycling helmet, with integrated Bluetooth

Now you can talk and listen to music while you go by bike without mortgaging your safety.


 In triathlon news we have tested this helmet model that has these main characteristics:

  • Integrates some bluetooth speakers with which you can play Music, Notifications y Calls (thanks to its built-in microphone)
  • Autonomy of 12 hours
  • Weather resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, rain, snow ...)
  • Information about your route: indications on the following steps and on your position, for example: where to turn and when, distance to the goal ...
  • Training data with Strava: time, kilometers, speed ... And everything you need to know to monitor your activity efficiently.
  • Emergency alerts: you can choose a person from your agenda, who will receive a message before you start the exercise to be informed. It will also send a warning message in case of a fall.

 Video Helmets cycling Lynx Choirs

Choirs Lynx Helmet


 Further information: https://www.coros.com/

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