What to consider when buying a smartwatch

Technological advances have also revolutionized the world of watches. Gone are the typical functions of checking the time and day of the calendar. Even the name has mutated into an Anglo-Saxon term.

Now, it is time for the smartwatch (or also known as smart watches), in whose use we not only find the time and day, but also an infinity of functionalities well appreciated by athletes, beyond the sports discipline they are fond of.

These SmartWatch they focus on physical aspects, but there are another series of equally interesting aspects. And we are not talking about a luxury item! Most brands offer qualified models suitable for all budgets.

The doubt, as usually happens when purchasing any other technological product, focuses on which model to buy (beyond price as a factor of choice), which brand and what features to look at when choosing the watch model. intelligent that better quality of price and product offers us.

Leaving aside the section on brands (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Garmin, Polar, etc.) where each user will choose based on suggestions, prices and affinities with other articles of these brands, we will offer you some recommendations in the following paragraphs.

The first thing is to think about whether you are looking for a smart watch or an activity bracelet, since on many occasions both products have been confused, when they really do not end up being the same item. How do we know what we need?

If we only want to do a basic monitoring of some physical activity, an activity bracelet will suffice; If what we want is to delve into physical data, to see notifications and answer them, to listen to music, to generate reminders, to see the route of our activity, to connect it with other devices, what is needed is a smartwatch.

Battery, connections and functionalities

If this is our case, we should continue to apply the following criteria. Evaluate the autonomy of the smart watch.

That is, if we have to charge them continuously it will be a problem and we will have to choose a model where the battery would be an outstanding factor.

This is also significant because if we are going to do a lot of physical activity, the battery will notice it.

If we simply want an unpretentious smart watch, we should know that the batteries can last up to three days.

We understand that this will not be the case. What do you want a smartwatch to do sports!

In this case, you should evaluate the interface of the model you have chosen, as well as the possible connectivity with other devices that you can use during sports practice. And also the features they offer when parameterizing all the data of a physical activity.

A model that offers you the heart rate, the route, the map is not the same as others that include other elements closer to professional training. These models, obviously, will have a higher price.

The weight and size in general will be other elements to evaluate. There are people who prefer smaller models and others larger.

As with a television or a mobile phone, it may be necessary to know the type of screen it has: OLED, LCD or AMOLED.

Finally, the materials or the design are other characteristics that are evaluated before the purchase, although these factors respond to the taste of each person.

The same thing happens when we only practice a certain sport: there are smartwatches that are more specialized in one sport, although most are suitable for simultaneous various sports.

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