Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running

Decathlon It is a benchmark in the world of sports and every day it launches new products for different sports on the market.

Specifically for triathlon it has a brand called Aptonia that has clothing, material, specifically designed for the triathlete

In this article we collect some of the discounts that can be found on their website related to any of the sports of triathlon, swimming, cycling or foot race

Decathlon discounts on GPS



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027e7a74c96

The Forerunner 45 is a connected GPS running watch with all the running features you need and a sleek, lightweight design.

Advantages of the product

  • Parameter measurement

Speed, distance, pace, wrist heart rate monitor, cadence

  • Coaching

Garmin Coach training programs or creating custom workouts

  • Autonomy

Up to 7 days in connected watch mode; up to 13 hours in GPS mode

  • Connectivity

Integrated security and monitoring functions

  • Assessment 4.11 /5

Price: Price: € 189,99 −10% / € 169,99 Buy



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027e8972ef5

Designed for athletes and adventurers ready to take on any challenge

With the best features of our outdoor and training watches, the Fenix ​​6 is the ideal multisport GPS watch for those who want cutting-edge performance.

Advantages of the product

  • Parameter measurement

GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO, wrist heart rate monitor, barometer, ClimbPro function

  • Coaching

PacePro function: pace management based on running profile

  • Autonomy

Power Management function to manage the battery

  • Connectivity

Garmin Pay ™ contactless payment solution

  • Water tightness

Water resistant (10 ATM)

  • Assessment: 4.46 /5 

Price: Price: 549,99 € −9% 499,99 € Buy



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running,img_61027e98e401c

Race belt for your long distance triathlon races.

Advantages of the product

  • Volume

Self-adhesive straps and pockets to carry what you need on a long run.

  • Ease of use

Self-adhesive belt strap for one-touch access to the G-Easy.

  • Product holding

The belt does not move thanks to the silicone band.

  • Assessment: 4.31 /5 

Price: Price: 9,99 € Buy

Decathlon Swimming Discounts


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027ea6083fa

Swimming goggles for beginner swimmers who want to start swimming freely.

These easy-to-use SOFT swim goggles offer you the widest field of vision in the range, as well as easy rear adjustment.

Advantages of the product

  • Mist limitation

Enjoy swimming with a clear vision thanks to the anti-fog treatment.

  • Field of View

Enjoy the best field of view in the range: greater than 160 °

  • Product holding

Enjoy the good support of these swimming goggles.

  • Adjustable

Adjust your glasses thanks to the notched strap and back buckle.

  • Watertightness / Impermeability

Swim without water in the glasses with the flexible and watertight joints.

  • Assessment: 4.15 /5

Price: Price: 9,99 € −30% 6,99 € Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027eb0867dc

SPEEDO has designed these swimming goggles for advanced swimmers.

Versatile training swimming goggles based on Speedo BioFUSE technology that offer maximum comfort, perfect ergonomics and visibility.

Advantages of the product

  • Field of View

Wide lenses for great visibility.

  • Adjustable

SpeedFIT system: fast and precise adjustment. Flexible silicone bridge.

  • Watertightness / Impermeability

FLEXISEAL gasket with grooves to reduce pressure around the eyes

  • Stability

Multi-density frame molded around the lenses.

  • Mist limitation

Anti-fog treatment.

  • Assessment: 4.15 /5

Price: Price: 19,99€ Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027ebd0a3ba

Designed for safety and storage when swimming in open water.

When the buoy is empty and flat, the internal area of ​​the bag measures 50 cm x 35 cm and has a capacity of 28 liters, leaving plenty of room for dry clothes, towels, flip-flops, etc.

There are two high visibility buoy colors, one orange and one pink.

  • Assessment: 4 /5

Price: Price: 38,00 € −21% 29,99 € Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f8de55d9

One of the highest rated wetsuits of the last decade that has won a wide range of industry awards.

Advantages of the product

  • Improved flexibility

New integrated one-piece chest and shoulder panel design that increases the total area of ​​the 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS material.

This increases flexibility throughout the 360 ​​° through the torso, resulting in a better fit around the shoulders and chest, also increasing the flexibility and distance achieved with each stroke. Therefore, it helps conserve energy, swim faster, and improve endurance.

  • Improved comfort

This new version includes a new laser cut collar that allows a more precise fit without any discomfort around the neck.

The Aspire is equipped with other features to promote the fastest and most energy-efficient swim possible. The key features include:

  • Yamamoto premium SCS fabrics

39 designed to ensure excellent flexibility, comfort and performance throughout the body.

  • Speed

The dynamic nano 'SCS' coating applied to the neoprene creates almost zero resistance through water. A drag coefficient of only 0.021 compared to 4.0 for normal wetsuits. The SCS lining also prevents the suit from absorbing water, thus avoiding excess weight in the wetsuit.

  • Flexibility

Superior flexibility and comfort with 7x expansion compared to conventional wetsuit materials.

  • Buoyancy

Material derived from limestone instead of petroleum, offering a 23% higher closed cell structure

  • Assessment: 4 /5

Price: Price: 75,00 € −10% 427,50 € Buy

Decathlon cycling discounts



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running,img_61027ed780411

Inspired by the professional world, this warm weather suit provides exceptional comfort in training and competitions.

This cycling suit adapts to your body like a second skin. Provides an essential sense of freedom.

Advantages of the product

  • Breathability

Mesh pieces (ultra-breathable fabric): on the sides.

  • Product holding

Very tight cut. Elasticated thighs and sleeves.

  • Pockets

Back: 3 pockets. classics and 1 bowls. zipper

  • Ecodesign

Fabric from recycled bottles to reduce environmental impact.

  • Assessment: 4.62 /5

Price: Price: 119,99 € −17% 99,00 € Buy



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027eecbab0f

Shoe covers designed for road cycling in cold and wet weather thanks to its watertight seams and the smooth water-repellent component.

Advantages of the product

  • Heat

2,5mm thick, with inner fleece

  • Water repellent effect

Water-repellent outer coating and watertight seams to limit water ingress

  • Easy to put on / take off

Wide entry through the back of the product, zip closure

  • Assessment: 3.29 /5

Price: Price: 29,99 € −16% 24,99 € Buy

VAN RYSEL ROAD CYCLING SHOES Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027efa9a954

The shoes that have won the Giro in 2019 and the Tour in 2020 with Nans Peters.

Created for performance without compromise, thanks to the ventilated and extremely rigid 100% carbon (Made In Italy) sole.

Advantages of the product

  • Rigidity

100% CARBON sole (made in Italy) for even more efficient pedaling

  • Product holding

4 cable passes and 2 micrometric wheels for a perfect fit

  • Weight

312 grams in size 43 (45 g of the thermoformed insole)

  • Ventilation

Sole with two ventilation holes for air inlet and outlet.

  • Abrasion resistance

Buttress on the toe to avoid damaging them at stops.

  • Breathability

3D mesh inside, quick drying

  • Assessment: 3.29 /5

Price: Price: 129,99 € −3% 124,99 € Buy



Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f051b1c9

The RC500 shorts do not stand out thanks to its mesh straps and ergonomic pad with gel inserts. Very practical pocket on the outside of the thigh, easy access while you circulate.

Advantages of the product

  • Comfort seat

Ergonomic pad with gel inserts to absorb vibrations and shocks

  • Comfort

Slim fit that does not compress and 100% mesh straps that do not bother.

  • Product holding

Wide elastic and silicone strap on the thighs.

  • Adaptability

Elastic straps that adapt to all torso sizes.

  • Sweat evacuation

Active evacuation of sweat to the outside to promote quick drying.

  • Pockets

Very practical pocket on the outside of the thigh, easy access while driving.

  • Assessment: 4.13 /5

Price: Price: € 40,00 € 39,99 Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f1158c67

Decathlon has created these extenders for triathletes looking for a more effective position on the bike over long distances

Advantages of the product

  • Optimized posture

You can adjust the length of the bars as well as the armrest.

  • Comfort

5mm thick armrest foam 40º angle for natural grip

  • Ease of assembly / disassembly

Accessible screws Bar graduation Compatible handlebars ø 31,8 and 26 mm.

  • Weight

Aluminum 6061 490 grams

  • Assessment: 4.61 /5

Price: Price: 39,99 € Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027fc0bdd60

Designed for cyclists who want to limit the heating of their drink up to 2 hours.

Advantages of the product

  • Volume

650 ml.

  • Isothermal

Up to 2 hours for cold liquids. Isothermal double wall structure.

  • Comfort in the mouth

Thermoplastic rubber push-pull valve and protection cap.

  • ergonomic grip

Solid and flexible bottle.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with all bottle cages on the market.

  • Assessment: 4.23 /5

Price: Price: 11,99 € Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f28ac60a

Unisex helmet, ideal for use with mountain and road bikes, we simply change its appearance by mounting or removing the visor.

Advantages of the product

  • Ventilation

24 ventilation openings

  • Lightness

284 grams in size ML

  • Product holding

Perimeter fastening with roulette and W-Precicion X2 technology

  • Ease of use

Removable visor and pad with anti-insect net

  • Resistance

Built in EPS with high quality In-Molding technology.

  • Assessment: 4/5

Price: Price: 44,99 € Buy

Discounts Decathlon Race on foot


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f34b5db0

Stable, cushioned men's running shoes designed for intensive training on the road and stable trails.

Advantages of the product

  • Cushioning

Travel long distances in complete safety thanks to the Wave concept.

  • Comfort

Seamless stretch and breathable mesh upper for optimal comfort

  • Momentum

Devour miles thanks to the U4IC and U4ICX outsole in the heel.

  • Resistance

The X10 grip limits abrasion over the miles.

  • Assessment: 4.42 /5

Price: Price: 89,99 € −11% 79,99 € Buy


Decathlon discounts for swimming, cycling and running ,img_61027f40441fe

Men's running shoes designed for runners with a neutral tread looking for comfort when running.

Advantages of the product

  • Comfort

The GEL ™ provides optimal shock absorption for maximum comfort.

  • Cushioning

SpEVA ™ foam midsole and Flytefoam ™ for cushioning and comfort.

  • Stability

TRUSSTIC SYSTEM ™ for optimal stability and foot support.


AHAR + outsole for more grip and greater resistance.


Optimal breathability thanks to the Mesh technology in nylon in the forefoot.

  • Comfort

The seamless mesh on the upper limits irritation considerably.

  • Assessment: 4.41 /5

Price: Price: 139,99 € −21% 109,99 € Buy


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