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Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music presents its two new and stylish finishes

The sports watch, recently launched by the firm, expands the family with two new versions: Gray and Rosegold. A safe bet of style and benefits to the last for the most demanding users: those who want to turn their watch into the indispensable complement for their day to day and for every activity they practice.

 Equipped with a internal memory of 4 Gb (with capacity to store up to 500 songs), this device is compatible with Garmin Pay ™, so it allows direct payment through contactless without having to carry the portfolio over. In addition, integra GPS, Glonass, technology Garmin Elevate ™, and provides very completes career dynamics data, activity profiles y performance analysis, among many other features.

Garmin presents two new versions of his sports watch Forerunner® 645 Music: Gray and Rosegold.

Two stylish and attractive finishes with a common denominator: its strap in black and metallic spheres, one in pink gold and the other in gray. This combination provides functionality and ergonomics in equal parts, in addition to granting a point of sophistication that will captivate users who are always looking for something different for their day to day. With this new design, Garmin offers that and much more.

Garmin Forerunner Rosegold

Music, always on the wrist

Because one of the differential premises of this watch is the possibility of storing musical files in its internal memory of 4 Gb, which translates into the storage of up to 500 songs.

Also, from Garmin Express it is possible to install playlist, albums or songs through the program that is usually used (iTunes, Windows, Media Player, etc). Music can be transferred to the watch via Wi-Fi and through the Deezer app, available in Connect iQ. Once all the above is done, it is only necessary to have wireless headphones with Bluetooth® technology (purchased separately) to enjoy long musical days.

Also to pay

Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music also offers compatibility with Garmin Pay (1). This allows you to leave both the phone and the money at home without having to give up going to stores or having a drink after training. Because you only have to bring the watch to a contactless terminal to make the payment in all establishments that have this mode.

Garming Forerunner Gray

Of course, to train

Because this sports watch is that, a perfect ally with which to control and help improve physical condition, as well as benefit from the facilities it offers in certain daily tasks, such as paying or listening to music. Thus, it is equipped with a heart rate monitor on the wrist thanks to Garmin Elevate ™ technology, GPS and Glonass for optimum accuracy, even in less accessible areas. In this sense, calculate the main career metrics (3) that are perfect for analyzing performance: biomechanical measurements, such as cadence, stride length, balance and time of contact with the ground, as well as the oscillation and the vertical ratio.

To obtain this data it is necessary to add heart rate bands such as HRM-Run ™, or the Pod Running Dynamics. With the HRM Swim ™ strap, and thanks to the watch's 5 ATM resistance classification, specific functions can be available for swimming training: distance, pace, number of strokes and much more.

Combine your activities as you prefer without worrying, thanks to its multiple expanded activity profiles, including running and cycling (indoor / outdoor), swimming (pool), elliptical, racket or rowing sports, strength training and many more.

Always supervising

To control each training and subsequent recovery, you have a Novel performance that monitors performance and automatically evaluates recent exercise history, which helps to know if the training is productive, if you have reached the peak of form or if you are performing an overstrain. On the other hand, the new anaerobic metric of training effect It indicates how training influences the ability to reach the highest level and compares it with previous sessions. 

Connected and customized

How could it be otherwise, Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music It also has other functions, among which its ability to act as monitor day and night activity. Even to receive smart notifications, thanks to which it is possible to view incoming calls, notifications of social networks or emails that reach the smartphone, as well as respond with predetermined text messages (4). At the same time, it is possible to customize devices with free clock screens, applications and widgets from Garmin Connect IQ ™ and the range of QuickFit ™ belts, easy to change and developed in attractive shades.

Design matters

Style and ergonomics are a crucial part of this device. Thus, Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music It has a studied design, comfortable and light, with Garmin Chroma Display ™ screen very easy to read, even in direct sunlight, and is protected by an extremely resistant Corning® Gorilla® crystal.

A differential sphere for a complete and avant-garde sports watch that looks like the perfect complement to every area of ​​daily life and, of course, for those who want to be up to date with everything.

Finally, it is compatible with the Garmin Connect online community, to which the watch is automatically synchronized whenever it is linked to a compatible smartphone.

PVPR Garmin Forerunner® 645 Music Gray or Rosegold: 449,99 euros (VAT included)

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