HED, manufacturer of the new Cervélo P5X box

The American firm has participated in the design and development of this revolutionary Cervélo bicycle.



HED Cycling y Cervélo They have maintained a fruitful relationship for many years. Since the beginning of the 21st century, HED is the usual supplier of wheels of the Canadian firm; Since then, the heads of both firms have collaborated in many projects carried out by the same innovative and revolutionary spirit. This close relationship has led HED Cycling to collaborate very closely in the design and manufacture of the new box P5X of Cervélo.

It is a state-of-the-art model designed for testing against the chrono and long distance triathlon. A painting that is characterized by its design monohull, the total integración of the various elements (handlebar, seatpost, accessories, disc brakes ...) and, of course, its magnificent line aerodynamics. In principle, the manufacture of this modern Cervélo frame was beyond the intentions of the HED leaders. "If 3 or 4 years ago they told me that we were going to manufacture bicycle frames, I would not have imagined it," explains the Head of HED Cycling, Anne HedLet alone a frame as innovative as the P5X. “The guys from Cervélo –continues Anne Hed– saw our facilities in Minnesota, they were very satisfied and they asked us what else can you do?”.


The contribution of Steve Hed

In reality, HED Cycling had never manufactured frames before, although they are experts in the carbon handling for their tires and they had also manufactured pieces of this material for other brands (such as Quintana Roo). However, he was the founder and ideologue of the company,

Steve Hed, who decided to accept the challenge proposed by his colleagues at Cervélo. He explains, his wife Anne Hed, his experience and determination were key to advance in this project that has finally been a success.

The official presentation of the Cervélo P5X It was a few weeks ago in Kona (Hawaii), coinciding with the Ironman World Championship dispute. The act also served as a tribute to Steve Hed who died two years ago and who, unfortunately, could not see the work he dedicated to the last months of his life finished.

Currently, HED and Cervélo continue their collaboration. Now they are working on creating some high profile disc brake wheels and specific lenticulars for this P5X. These new wheels will be presented soon. In addition, the HED factory in Spain is also involved in other similar projects for the manufacture of carbon frames for other bicycle brands.

Founded on 1985 by Steve Hed, The HED brand is considered one of the most important and specialized brands in road cycling. HED has been a pioneer brand in the evolution of the wheels for cycling and aerodynamic work. The firm has headquarters and factory in the United States, in addition to another factory specializing in carbon in Spain. More information in www.hedcycling.com

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