On Cloudracer wins the ISPO GOLD WINNER AWARD

The Prize awarded at the international convention of sporting goods ISPO to the best performance shoe has fallen to the uniqueness of the On Cloudracer. Its soft landing together with the powerful power of reaction has facilitated the decision of the jury of the Ispo 2013.



The system Cloudracers CloudTec it's aerodynamic for racing. The On Cloudracer are developed with an ultralight design skeleton that allows athletes to go even faster. Like the rest of the models, the Cloudracer combine excellent performance at the time of “impact and takeoff " of the shoe.


The jury formed by 57 members of 14 countries and 3 continents valued products from around the world. And finally the choice was for On Cloudracer.

The On CLoudracer were developed in Switzerland by former Duathlon World Champion and six-time long distance champion (Ironman), Olivier Bernhard.


Question: What makes On Cloudracer special?

Olivier Bernhard: Like the rest of the models, Cloudracer combines excellent performance with an extraordinarily smooth operating movement. As a competition shoe, it offers a more direct contact with the ground.

Thanks to our patented technology, even long runs are possible without early fatigue appearing.


Q: What triggered the idea of ​​creating the On Cloudracer?

OB: Own athletes They were captivated by the feeling of running and did not want to do without it during the competition. Therefore the demand for a competition shoe.

In On we follow the creed: from the athletes to the athletes.


Q: Who uses the On Cloudracer?

OB: The best athletes wear the Cloudracer during competitions. Long-distance triathlete, Caroline Steffen, became European Champion and World Runner-up with the On Cloudracer. David Hauss finished fourth at the London Olympics. And Ben Allen wears the On Cloudracer on difficult terrain and today he is one of the best off-road triathletes.

Many 100 professional athletes who use On run faster - this is the test.


The young company Switzerland On aims to reinvent the shoe. In 2010, and just created, the company has already won the award. In the last three years, it is already present in 700 stores and in 18 countries.

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