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Shimano's New Cycling Glasses with RIDESCAPE Technology

Shimano, world leader in innovation and cycling technology, has launched three new models of cycling glasses, once again revolutionizing the market with its RIDESCAPE lens technology.  

These models, called technical, Technium L, y twinspark, are designed to offer an unprecedented visual experience in any lighting and terrain conditions, from sunny roads to shady trails and gravel routes at dusk. 

RIDESCAPE Technology: An Unprecedented Vision 

Shimano's RIDESCAPE technology is the heart of these new models. 

With six lens options tuned for different lighting conditions, this technology allows riders to perceive details they would normally miss, with more vibrant colors and improved definition.  

This improvement in visibility not only enriches the visual experience but also increases safety by allowing better perception of terrain and obstacles. 

Models Designed for Every Cyclist 


The Technium model offers a lightweight and protective full-frame design, ideal for all types of cycling.  

It has vents that reduce fogging and an ergonomic design that ensures the stability of the glasses, even on the most rugged terrain.

Available in several colors and with three RIDESCAPE lens options, this model adapts to the specific needs of each cyclist. 

Technium L

On the other hand, the Technium L, with its ultralight half-frame design, is perfect for those looking for maximum comfort without sacrificing protection.

This model is ideal for long road rides, mountain adventures or full days of gravel cycling. 


Finally, the Twinspark offers a great value option with a half-frame design and RIDESCAPE HC lenses, specially tuned to filter road glare and improve surface perception, allowing riders to pedal with confidence. 


Model  Frame Design  Weight :  RIDESCAPE Lenses Included  Additional Lens  Frame Material  Price (EUR) 
technical  Logistics  27.4g  RD (road), OR (mountain), GR (gravel)  Clear  Arkema Rilsan® clear G850 Rnew® 45% bio-based  99.95 
Technium L  Media  26g  RD, OR, GR, and Photochromic Gray  Clear  Arkema Rilsan® clear G850 Rnew® 45% bio-based  99.95 
twinspark  Stocking (without underwire)  25.3g  HC (daytime conditions)  Does not apply  BPA-free lightweight polyamide  54.95 

 Prices and Availability 

The Technium and Technium L models have a starting price of €99,95, while the Twinspark is available for €54,95.  

These prices make Shimano's cutting-edge technology accessible to a wide range of cyclists, from amateurs to professionals. 

Shimano's new glasses not only stand out for their technology and design but also for their commitment to sustainability, using bio-based materials that reduce carbon emissions.  

More information in https://gravel.shimano.com/gear/eyewear/  

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