Reboots arrive: The challenge to the tired legs for the triathlete

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It has happened to us all to have a strong training and not be able to recover in conditions for the training of the next day, this is often due to the accumulation of lactic acid in our legs. If you want to avoid these symptoms you can use Reboots.

Face your next training successfully!

 How It Works

Reboots makes a progressive massage on your legs. This helps your body to remove waste from your metabolism, Such as lactic acidor, that are generated during an intense training session.

In this way Reboots actively prevents unwanted symptoms after exercise, and Contractures e inflammation muscular. The result: legs noticeably in good shape, with the same effort and less resting time.

 Recover at home after a workout with Reebots!

It will no longer be necessary to make an appointment for a relaxing massage, thanks to the technology that Reebots offers you, you can make a passive recovery en casa eliminating up to 33% of the lactate generated (see web studies)

This is how the triathletes who already use it live it!

According to the triathlete Markus Rolli (1e put on Ironaman Tailand 70.3) "I use Reboots regularly after demanding training sessions, whether it's swimming, cycling, running, or strength training.

Especially after more sessions in a day, the legs feel considerably cooler after the second or third session. I also think it's great that you can use Reboots for regeneration while you work on your laptop, and therefore you can use time very effectively! »

How to use them?

It is important to do it correctly, in the use guide Reboots explains that you must take into account to configure your Reboots optimally.

How often can I use Reboots?

You can use the Reboots every day. The optimum duration of use is between 30 and up to 50 minutes. There is no prescribed duration or frequency. As a general rule, as long as you feel that it's okay for you, you can still use the Reboots.
Use the discount code of 5% this December: tn2018

What can I use the Reboots for?

You can use the Reboots in the following fields of application:

  • Directly after training:

After a strong workout, Reboots help you get rid of lactic acid and recover faster.

  • To relax:

Did you have a hard day and want to relax at night? A massage with the Reboots can help you.

  •     For warm up:

The Reboots were not developed to preheat before training. However, we have heard from several athletes who have had good experiences with short sessions before training. The session should be short and with low pressure.

Regardless of what you use the Reboots for: keep your legs in position as horizontally as possible and make sure that the air hoses are not trapped.


Reboots arrives: The challenge to tired legs for the triathlete, image002


What pressure can I use?

A lot does not always help much. Especially when you start using the Reboots, it is better to start slowly.

We recommend you start with a low pressure and then increase it in the next use. You can increase the pressure individually from 30 to 240 mmHg at 30 levels. If necessary, you can omit individual air chambers to leave out areas that are sensitive to pain, for example. The circumference of the leg is crucial to choosing the correct pressure.

Users with thinner legs have to work more frequently with higher pressures. In general, the ideal pressure varies from athlete to athlete. Every body is different. Above all you should listen to your body and choose the pressure that feels good for you. For someone 180 mmHg may be perfect, while for someone else it may be too high. In addition to choosing the right pressure, location is also important.

How are the Reboots programs different?

There are different 6 programs to choose from. These they differ in the way they inflate the air chambers.

For example, in the chart you can see the procedure of the program A. In this program the eight cameras are inflated one after the other. The program starts down at the feet. The pressure wave moves camera after camera to the thigh and then starts again on the feet.

Reboots arrives: The challenge to tired legs for the triathlete, image003


More information about the programs:

How to choose my size?

• M: Up to a leg length of 81 cm.

• L: with a leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm, Reboots size L are usually the most suitable.

• XL: RebooRebootsts XL is recommended from a leg length of 89 cm.

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