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The best plugs for swimming in the pool

Training sports such as triathlon or swimming makes swimmers spend a lot of time in the pool, so their ears, if they are not protected with earplugs, can have annoying otitis that can force them to stop training.

Hence the use of tear plugs in swimming They can avoid these uncomfortable discomfort as well as help you focus on training since it avoids distractions due to the absence of noise.

one important thing when choosing ones swim plugs is that that has to be comfortable and they have to fit swimmer's ear  to prevent water from entering the ear and prevent future discomfort

In this article we make a compilation of the best plugs to be used in the pool.

  • Made of a soft silicone material so you can hardly feel them when they are being used. 
  • They guarantee a comfortable fit even during long training sessions 
  • Its design that allows a perfect fit in the ear is very effective in preventing water from entering the auditory canal and thus reducing the risk of ear infections.
  • If they slip out of your ear canals, they will float on the water, allowing you to easily catch and reinsert them. 
  • Washable and reusable, perfectly for swimming, showering, bathing and other water sports.

Another model from the Arena brand. It is perfect for adult swimmers who want to do meters in the pool.

From the Finis brand, we have this model made with 100% silicone with a single unisex size that fits most ears

Finis earplugs are made from 100% silicone to provide maximum comfort and a secure seal.

They include a small carrying case for clean and easy storage.

One of the great brands in the world of swimming. This model has been a top seller on many occasions.

Made with 100% hypoallergenic silicone, it has models for adult size or Junior (6-14 years).

It features a design for each ear (they are marked with an R and L) to accommodate the outer ear with a comfortable tight fit and to help keep water out of the ear.

These are some of the most valued models of ear plugs for swimming that you can find in the market.

Another safe bet. The Arena brand always offers quality products and this model is perfect for adult swimmers.

This is the one of the best plugs on the market, from the hand of the renowned Speedo brand, they are a safe bet.

They are easy to put on and adapt perfectly to the ear, but keep in mind that they are not suitable for children.

  • Ergonomic design and long stem
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber
  • Reusable case included

You can check more models in this link

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