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Magped, magnetic pedals between platform pedal and automatic

The MagPed are flat pedals that have a magnetic anchor to offer an optimal pedaling action without compromising the cyclist's safety.

The specialized newspaper todomountainbike has published the launch of the MagEpd pedals, ones flat pedals with magnetic anchor that ensure a pedaling action without compromising the cyclist's safety.

The MagPed are mechanized in aluminum with a design very similar to any platform pedal, including support pins. The main change with respect to conventional pedals is the presence of a powerful magnet of neodymium in the body of each MagPed that, together with a metallic shoe compatible with any shoe valid for the extended SPD system from Shimano, it offers a strong magnetic anchor as to achieve a optimal round pedaling and, however, extremely fast of desencalar due to the absence of a mechanical mechanism that catches the cove by pressure.

MagPed pedals are available in two versions according to the power of the magnet employee: one with 10 kilos of attractive force (100N) and another with 15 kilos of attractive force (150N). The stated weight of the pedal set remains at 452 grams for the 100N magnet version and at 474 grams for the 150N magnet version, in both cases with CrMo steel shaft with three sealed bearings for the pedals.

The MagPed go on sale on the Kickstarter financing platform with an anticipated price of €71 per set, with a delivery date scheduled for May 2018.

Further information: https://www.magped.com/?lang=en

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