Sneaker Spiuk Risko: solidity and comfort its hallmarks

Spiuk achieved with its previous model of mountain footwear, join sales success, with acclaim from the specialized critics (prize of the magazine BIKE Spain to the shoe of the year), based on two hallmarks of identity, strength and comfort. The news RISKO They will continue to meet expectations in both aspects.


The RISKO are the just heirs of the ZS1M, born to continue being a reference in mountain cycling shoes, and in which our efforts have focused on lightening it even more, and achieving greater versatility on all types of terrain.


Its new sole covered in rubber, provides a perfect grip on any surface. The cyclist who uses them will notice the security they offer when putting one foot to the ground. Due to their composition, they are also endowed with an excellent resistance to abrasion.


The comfort of the foot and, therefore, of the cyclist, has been one of the pillars on which to develop the new model. his great ventilation, result of a cover that presents different ventilation areas in tissue High Flow 3, facilitates optimal breathability.


The RISKO incorporates a new system of precise and safe adjustment, by means of a toothed slide, evolution of the previous micrometric closure. The mechanism has been simplified to make its use more agile and simple, without loss of benefits in terms of adjustment and security. It also includes two interchangeable slide lengths to adapt them to any standing morphology.


Thanks to his band Closure with EVA padding, a personalized and comfortable fit is guaranteed. Its thermo-mouldable cover is also a feature that plays in your favor.


The solid, light and elegant construction design of the new RISKO will captivate those high-level riders looking for a comfortable shoe that meets their competitive needs.



WEIGHT: 865gr (size 42)

SIZES 37-47

- Solid, light and elegant design.

- Very compact thermo-moldable cover.

- Screen-mesh windows HIGH FLOW 3.

- New adjustment band with upper padding.

- Accurate and safe adjustment with toothed slide. Includes two lengths to adapt to 

  all foot morphologies.

- Sole covered in rubber that provides a perfect grip on any surface.

- Rubber inserts in the reinforcements of the toe and heel.

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