New Shimano road and mountain shoes

The new road shoes SHIMANO RC3 and RC1 and as XC3 and XC1 for mountain ensure the comfort and power transfer that those who are starting to take cycling more seriously seek.

The shoe is the first item in the kit that differentiates riders who take it more seriously from those who simply ride a bike.

For this reason, the choice of shoes is a very important step for those who are starting out in cycling to unleash their full performance potential.

This is the reason why SHIMANO ha renewed its basic models of road shoes and XC with features and technology that derive directly from the top of the range models of the brand for professionals.

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Road shoes

As proof of the good impression they make at first glance, the first thing that should be noted in the new models RC3 (RC300) and RC1 RC100) is the similarity in appearance and characteristics with the SHIMANO S-PHYRE used by many Pro Tour professionals .

Obviously, emulating the appearance of a pro shoe is one thing and getting its performance is another. Regarding the latter, we must highlight the characteristics of the renewed RC3:

  • A Boa L6 micro-adjustable dial in the middle zone, allowing the rider to find his perfect fit while pedaling.
  • A wraparound upper, one-piece midsole and fiberglass reinforced nylon outsole for comfort.
  • Low-profile midsole that provides extra stability and control when speed goes up.

All of these features are derived from SHIMANO's premium models, meaning the RC3 can be considered that ideal shoe that is comfortable on long rides, but also provides efficient power transfer when you pick up the pace with the pedals.

RC3: Stiffness: 6/12; weight: 243g; sizes available (man): 36-52; wide version 36-52. Colors: black, white and red.

Available in the market from September 2020.

PVPR: 99,95 €

For its part, the RC1 model places more emphasis on maximum comfort with:

  • Three velcro straps for adjustment.
  • Breathable upper mesh that keeps the foot in place without excess pressure.
  • A sole similar to that of the RC3 model, which provides power and comfort when walking with its stiffness level 6/12.

Above all, the RC1 brings the perfect combination of comfort, everyday use and value for money.

RC1: weight, 238g; sizes (man) 36-50; color: black.

Available in the market from September 2020.

PVPR: 79,95 €

MTB shoes

New Shimano shoes for road and mountain, MdG-Shimano-XC-2852

The new XC models also come with the DNA of the premium S-PHYRE range for MTB, with a high-quality finish and features for great performance.

XC3 Features:

  • Boa L6 dial for on-the-go microadjustment.
  • SHIMANO Dynalast adjustment to reduce fatigue over longer distances.
  • Shorter distance between pedal and shoe (thanks to the elimination of the last sheet), which stabilizes the foot for better power transfer.
  • Heel and toe protection and a design that facilitates the expulsion of mud and dirt.

The XC3 is available in black and navy blue. Stiffness: 5/12; weight: 332g; sizes (man): 36-52; wide version: 36-52.

New Shimano shoes for road and mountain, MdG-Shimano-XC-650

Available in stores from September 2020.

PVPR: 99,95 €

Like the RC1s, the XC1s are the recognition that comfort and ease of use are the essential characteristics of a pair of shoes, and they take on that challenge with:

  • Three velcro straps that reduce pressure while distributing the support throughout the instep.
  • Perforated synthetic leather with a superior finish for great breathability and fit.
  • A lightweight fiberglass reinforced nylon outsole and XC rubber outsole provide stable pedal contact, secure grip when walking, and power transfer.

The XC1 is available in black. Stiffness: 5/12; weight: 334g; sizes (man): 38-50.

Available in stores from September 2020.

PVPR: 79,95 €

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