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Orbea launches the new Ordu to the market: ergonomics and aerodynamics at the service of triathlon

Orbea has completely redesigned the Ordu frame to create the most ergonomic and aerodynamic bike on the market. It is a weapon focused on the use of triathlon.

The fundamental advantages for the user of this new Ordu platform come from the following benefits:


We have worked with different user groups to optimize the existing geometry and adapt it to the needs of the Triathletes. The biggest modification with respect to the previous model is in:
- Saddle tube angulation, which are now 78º
- Reach
- Stack
- Monolink technology applied to power to offer the maximum range of handlebar positioning


The Aizone project (Aerodinamic Investigation Zone) developed by Orbea in the Tunnel of the Wind, has allowed us to generate an extensive knowledge about aerodynamics, which translates into the following arguments:
- Optimal rigidity: The power generated by the cyclist is optimally transferred to the development or slip of the corridor.
- Perfect aerodynamic coefficient: The incidence of the bicycle through the air is the most balanced in the market.
All this knowledge is expressed in the following areas of the table:
- Fork of proportions 1: 4 that minimize the frontal surface of the set and improves the coefficient of aerodynamic penetration
- Steering zone with power and integrated fork, which minimize the aerodynamic coefficient of the set
- Diagonal tube seat tube and seatpost of minimum thickness
- Braces glued to the box for the projected area of ​​the set
- Rear brakes on the bottom bracket

Why Ordu

Ordu is a unique model that meets the needs of the user that has focused all the development efforts on the 3 needs detected in users:

- Ergonomics: we have a new geometry in 4 sizes XS (with 650 wheel), S, M and L that cover a wide spectrum of users
- Aerodynamics: each of the parts that make up the frame, the fork and the steering assembly have been worked on to minimize the CdA: aerodynamic penetration coefficient and the projected area. Because the most aerodynamic is not the fastest:
- max (K / CdA) W corridor = W friction + W aerodynamics + W gravity
- Design. Orbea Design product under process defined by the house where the user is the center of all development, from the beginning to the moment of delivery.

Angulation 74º-80º

The Ordu frame allows an angulation range from 74º to 80º. To do this, two seatposts are used that cover the angles 74º-76º and 78º-80º. The advantage is clear compared to other systems:

• Allows a greater range of positions for the cyclist so that he can adapt his position and achieve a more efficient pedaling.
• 74º-76º allows a pedaling position close to the traditional road bike. Normally recommended for mixed routes or with climbs.
• 78º-80º allows a more advanced pedaling position, especially advantageous in flat terrain where a greater pedaling power can be squeezed.

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