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Orbea presents the new Ordu OME

The Ordu OME has been designed to take you beyond the limits of the possible, to the magical terrain in which you do not feel the wind or yield to pain. To the territory where crossing the finish line is no longer enough and it is only worth crushing your challenge.

The new Ordu

The competition always brings out the best in you. Give everything in pursuit of excellence, the feeling of controlled physical chaos, the satisfaction of knowing that you have not left anything ... Those are the reasons why you go to a race. The personal objectives are to fix them, reach them and overcome them. Success can come in small doses or in large quantities, which constitute a good mental fuel during a good season.


When designing the revolutionary frame of the Ordu OME, the highest priority was given to its aerodynamics. The straight 1-1 / 8 "steering tube allows the bike to have an extremely thin front tube that minimizes the front of the machine. With a width of only 38 mm, it reduces the aerodynamic resistance thanks to its perfect integration in the main triangle. In this way, this crucial area allows a better circulation of air throughout the frame. Triathletes are not the only athletes who can benefit from these advantages: the frame and the fork comply with UCI rules, which makes the Ordu OME a serious contender in races or stages against the clock. You can use front or rear brakes of any standard road bike, which makes it a machine suitable for all types of users and to equip it with the best products on the market.


While aerodynamics draws the design of the frame to narrower tubes that offer the least possible resistance to air, the frame must be rigid in order to transmit energy to the rear wheel. The advantages obtained in the fight against the wind should not be translated into a lower stiffness, a loss of braking capacity or a questionable driving. The Ordu OME is more aerodynamic than its predecessor, but it also significantly outperforms it in terms of rigidity. This results in a faster bike, which is better driven and develops more power on the road.


What we suggest is an evolution in the geometry of the bicycle. This represents a radically different way of considering the design and construction of bicycle frames, which makes it possible for the Ordu OME to adapt to a wider variety of men and women and follow a more linear progression of size. The new range includes sizes XS, SM, MD and LG, and guarantees that anyone can mount an Ordu OME, regardless of the size of it. This progressiveness of sizes ensures that our XS bike offers the smallest fit and that subsequent sizes increase linearly and predictably.

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The monocoque construction offers a carbon structure with optimum performance and long-term reliability. We mold the structures of a piece so that each tube is connected to the next, with continuous fibers in all the important joints. When you advance, your bike is subject to various forces, such as tension, compression or torsion. Our monocoque frames allow an optimal distribution of these forces throughout the structure thanks to the perfect fusion of the materials that compose it.

The construction of the OME CARBON carbon frame (Orbea Monocoque Evolution) takes advantage of the combination of high modulus carbon fibers with standard fibers to achieve a perfect balance between performance, durability and value.

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