LOOK Launches the Fastest KEO BLADE Pedals to Date

LOOK Cycle, an innovative leader in the cycling industry, has announced the launch of the next generation of its high-performance road pedals, the KEO BLADE.

Developed over three years in collaboration with UCI WorldTour performance specialists and extensively tested by professional athletes, the new range of KEO BLADE pedals promises to be the most advanced yet, offering riders an unrivaled combination of power, weight and aerodynamic performance.

Innovation and Aerodynamic Design

The new design of the KEO BLADE pedals stands out for its improved aerodynamics and improved comfort for the rider.

With a reduced front surface area and a more efficient aerodynamic profile at the leading edge, these pedals have achieved a 2% reduction in air resistance compared to the previous version.

LOOK has integrated carbon slat instead of traditional metal molles, a feature originally introduced in 2011 with the KEO BLADE Carbon, which has revolutionized pedal design.

Technical Features and Improvements

The new KEO BLADE pedals are lighter and more durable than its predecessor, with a weight starting from 95g per pedal and a contact surface of 705mm².

These improvements provide greater stability during pedaling and eliminate hot spots, regardless of the material.

Furthermore, the rotation during the cleat engagement has been improved by 60%, offering a feeling of security and ease in hooking and unhooking.

Reinforced Durability and Reliability

The LOOK team has focused on increase durability and reliability of the KEO BLADE pedals.

The updated design includes a new bolt that better resists water intrusion, as well as a long-lasting waterproof lubricant.

The pedals also feature sealed internal and external cuscinetti, a high-quality stainless steel contact surface and a reinforced release lever.

Models and Prices

The new KEO BLADE range includes three models: KEO BLADE, KEO BLADE Ceramic and KEO BLADE Ceramic Ti, each with different characteristics and suitable for different types of cyclists.

Prices vary from €145 for the basic model to €310 for the Ceramic Ti model.

Feature KEO BLADE KEO BLADE Ceramic KEO BLADE Ceramic Ti
The Body Carbon Carbon Carbon
Axis Chromo+ Chromo+ Titanium
Bearing Maple Ceramics Ceramics
Tension 08 – Comp 12 – Carbon 16 – Carbon
Contact Surface 705 mm² 705 mm² 705 mm²
Q-Factor 53 mm 53 mm 53 mm
Stack 14.8 mm 14.8 mm 14.8 mm
Weight : 115g 115g 95g
Public Price €145 / $174 / £139.99 €210 / $252 / £199.99 €310 / $389 / £299.99

Testimonials from Professionals

Professional cyclists such as Biniam Girmay and Bryan Coquard have praised the new pedals for their stability and efficient power transmission.

Samuel Bellenoue, Performance Director of the Cofidis Procycling team, has highlighted the importance of pedals in optimizing performance.

More information in https://www.lookcycle.com/es-es/ 

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