New year, new equipment: take advantage of the POLAR SALES 

POLAR, a leader in sports technology, launches a promotion for triathletes and athletes this January where you can find a selection of innovative products at reduced prices. This year you will be well equipped!

From advanced GPS watches to heart rate sensors, POLAR sales They are designed to help you achieve your goals in 2024. 

These are them employment offers that will be active from the day January 10 to 21 on its official page.  

Polar Ignite 3 (Fitness & Wellness Watch)  

The Polar Ignite 3, originally €329,90, is now available for just €263,92, a saving of 20%.  

Ideal for tracking wellness and physical activity, this watch is a perfect companion for those looking to balance their training with their daily life. 

Polar Pacer Pro (Advanced GPS Running Watch)  

For running enthusiasts, the Polar Pacer Pro is a wise choice. With a 24% discount, its price is reduced from €329,90 to €250,72.  

This advanced GPS watch is essential for runners who want to analyze and improve their performance. 

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium (Fitness & Wellness Watch)  

The Polar Ignite 3 Titanium, now at €295,92, reduced from its original price of €369,90, is 20% cheaper.  

This model, which combines elegance and functionality, is ideal for triathletes looking for a watch that adapts to both their training and their lifestyle. 

fleece pacer (GPS Running Watch)  

The Polar Pacer, with a 24% discount, is offered at €174,72, down from €229,90.  

This GPS watch is perfect for runners looking for a reliable and easy-to-use device to improve their performance. 

Polar VeritySense (Optical heart rate sensor)  

The Polar Verity Sense optical heart rate sensor, now €79,92, previously €99,90, offers a 20% discount.  

This sensor is an essential tool for triathletes who want to monitor their heart rate accurately during training and competition. 

Other products that you will find at a discount are the following 

Polar Grit (Premium Outdoor Multisport Watch) 

A multisport watch for outdoors, now at €402,72, reduced from €529,90, which represents a 24% discount. 

Polar OH1+ (Optical pulse sensor) 

This compact and versatile sensor is priced at €47,92, reduced from €59,90, a saving of 20%. 

Polar H10 (Heart rate sensor) 

Known for its precision, it is available at €72,00, down from €90,00, which is a 20% discount. 

Polar H9 (Heart rate sensor) 

This reliable and affordable sensor is offered at €48,00, down from €60,00, also with a 20% discount. 

T31™ Coded Transmitter (Heart rate sensor) 

At a price of €32,00, reduced from €40,00, this sensor offers a 20% discount. 

Speed ​​sensor and cadence sensor kit 

Ideal for cyclists, available at €60,00, reduced from €75,00, a saving of 20%. 

Limited while stocks last

The sales campaign begins on January 10 and runs until January 21, 2024, or while supplies last.

It is a limited opportunity to acquire cutting-edge technology at reduced prices.

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